7 Steps To Turning LinkedIn Into An Unlimited Supply Of Highly Qualified Leads For Your Business

What you are about to read is Tested, Proven and Responsible for literally Millions Of Dollars in sales directly from LinkedIn

I’ve broken it down into 7 simple steps…Follow these steps and YOU WILL generate stupid amounts of Leads 🙂

Don’t be tempted to skip any of the steps as they are all required. I would also highly recommend trying this “As Is” before changing it.

I’ve tested literally 100’s of messages over the years…and what you have here are by far the most effective.

So without further ado…here are the steps to limitless leads from LinkedIn

Step: 1 – Get Super Clear About Who Your Ideal Prospect Is…

If you can define them…You can find them.

Make a list of the Job Titles of the Decision Makers in your target market. I’ll use the example of a company that sells IT Security here for no other reason than to give you a working example 🙂

So in our Example, the decision makers in our Target Audience have these Job Titles…

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • CTOIT Manager
  • MIS Manager
  • IT Security Manager
  • Information Security Manager
  • Manager IT Security
  • Manager Information Security

The “Job Title Search” is the most accurate search in Sales Navigator and is the one I like to use the most (you will need a sales Navigator subscription).Now we know precisely who we want to talk with…I go to Sales Navigator

>>Advanced >>Search For Leads

And then add all of my Job Titles into the Job Title Search Box plus any other filters you want to apply:

As you can see that gives us a nice big list of over 5,000 Hyper Targeted Decision Makers 🙂

Building your audience is actually the ONLY part that you have to do manually…all the rest you can automate which we will talk about later and is KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS.

Next We Need To Connect With Our Decision Makers

So here’s the most effective messaging I’ve found to connect with our Decision Makers…

Just modify it for your market.

That’s it, Step 1 is complete…now we just have to wait for our Perfect Prospectto accept our Connection Request and then move to step 2 🙂

Step: 2 – Get Super Clear About The Outcome You Provide For That Prospect

I mean what do they REALLY, REALLY want…and I’m not talking about what service do they need that you offer…I mean what outcome are they looking for?

The BIGGEST MISTAKE most businesses make when approaching a prospect is they talk about the service they offer…NOT the TRANSFORMATION they provide.

Figure out the ONE BIGGEST outcome you offer and focus exclusively on that.

Don’t try and tell them everything that you do and hope they are interested in one of them…that will never work and is a HUGE MISTAKE.

Once you’ve figured out the ONE Major outcome or benefit you know for sure they want, move to step 3.

Step: 3 – Get Super Concise In Communicating The Benefit You Provide

This is a critical step which almost everybody screws up and is the reason LinkedIn doesn’t work for most people.

It’s extremely important how you word your first message to your potential client.

Here’s the basic 2 step Formula that NEVER FAILS if done properly will getsyour prospect LEVEL 10 EXCITED to talk to you…Nail this and you’ll have more leads than you’ll be able to handle.

OK…who’s ready for the formula 🙂

Simply ask the prospect if they have capacity for more of the outcome you provide.

For Example…

“Hey Bob,
Thanks for connecting 🙂 I don’t suppose you have capacity for more Web Design Clients do you?”

This format engages the prospects mind, reminds them of the problem they 100% want a solution to and presupposes that you have that solution!

What’s the answer to this question from Bob?

“YES…Of Course!”

Next We Offer A Low Key Solution…


“If I provided you with details of businesses interested in a new website in return for a fee, is that something you’d be interested in?”

Butta Boom, Butta Bam…What do you think the answer to this is?

So the whole message so far reads something like this…

“Hey Bob,
Thanks for connecting 🙂 I don’t suppose you have capacity for more Web Design Clients do you?

If I provided you the details of some businesses interested in a new website in return for a fee, is that something you’d be interested in?”

Compare this with:

Hi Bob,
Thanks for connecting…We’re a lead generation company that specialises in helping you grow your business.
We’ve worked with a number of companies in your industry and produced amazing results…Blah Blah Blah.

See the difference?

One works Gangbusters and the other is a complete waste of everybody’s time.
Now we’ve got their attention…time to ask for the commitment in Step 4.

Step: 4 – Call To Action: Don’t Ask For Too Much

Most people screw this part up so bad it’s comical!

The Golden Rule that must NEVER BE BROKENMake it Super Easy for the prospect to respond and make it Super Clear EXACTLY how to respond.
Here’s my favorite Call To Action…

Most people screw this part up so bad it’s comical!

The Golden Rule that must NEVER BE BROKENMake it Super Easy for the prospect to respond and make it Super Clear EXACTLY how to respond.

Here’s my favorite Call To Action…

““If you’re interested, just ping me and I’ll give you some more details.”

That’s it! So the whole message looks like this…

Here’s what most people do

“If you’re interested in learning more, I’d like to offer you a FREE 60 Minute consultation valued at $10,000…Here’s my booking calendar link…just fill out the 30 questions and then schedule a call…”

It sounds funny like this…but this is what people do ALL THE TIME…and then they say LinkedIn doesn’t work??

Nobody is going to respond to that! It’s too much work and it’s too early in the relationship and to be perfectly honest…it’s arrogant.

Keep it light, keep it friendly and keep it conversational.

If you want some more examples then Click Here for Our Full Length Training On The “How To Generate Leads From LinkedIn.

Step: 5 – Follow Up – Follow Up – Follow Up

Now this is the part where you can easily snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

You MUST, MUST, MUST follow up A LOT. Almost every sale I’ve made from LinkedIn, at some point seemed as though the process went dead.

Keep in mind people are busy, they forget, things get on top of them…It doesn’t mean they’re not interested!

Think about it…have you ever had an email you were interested in and intended to reply to but it just sat in your inbox because you were busy?

Then a few days go by and you just delete it because you’re tired of looking at it!

This happens all the time…understand that no response does not mean they are not interested.

Here’s what I send every time a lead goes cold…

I would suggest you use this message A LOT…It’s a real money maker!

Step: 6 – Take It Off Of LinkedIn

Here’s a Super Ninja trick that will easily TRIPLE YOUR RESPONSE RATES.

Email your prospect after they connect.

When a prospect accepts your Connection Request you can see their email address…their personal email address 🙂

A lot of prospects will never check their messages on LinkedIn but they always check their personal email.

This means that by sending an email you are 3x-5x more likely to get a response.

I use software to do this automatically…as a request is accepted an email with the same message we used in Step 3 is sent.

This is especially effective in markets that are heavily targeted.

We’re getting crazy response rates via email while others are getting very low response rates on LinkedIn.

This is how we are able to DOMINATE competitors and totally bypass saturation issues others may be experiencing in competitive markets.

Step: 7 – Automate The Entire Process

If there is one key to successit’s consistency!

Do this everyday and you will get amazing results.

Think about it…if you reach out to only 30 targeted prospects each day…that’s 1000 per month and 12,000 target prospects per year.

If you can’t turn that into all the business you could ever want…I don’t know what to tell you!

The key to this is AUTOMATION.

Once we’ve built the initial list…we can automate EVERYTHING ELSE

  • Daily connection requests
  • Welcome messages
  • Follow up messages
  • Email Follow Up

As well as automating a bunch of daily maintenance tasks that are just time consuming.

If you would like to automate…You can get a FREE 14 Day TRIAL of the software I use here.

At the end of the day it’s a numbers gameconsistently reach the right prospects everyday with a HOT MESSAGE and you will make sales.

Most people will commit to a daily routine and that usually lasts for less than a week and then it stops.

I like to think of it like lottery tickets…By automating the process…you get 30+ new lottery tickets everyday 🙂

You’ve got to be in it to win it after all!

Fresh, Qualified Leads Everyday On Autopilot…That’s Hard To Beat 🙂

In Conclusion…

This is a Super Simple but Highly Effective Strategy.

Don’t let people tell you it’s too direct or this doesn’t work…they don’t know what they are talking about.

We’ve worked with over 600 businesses and it’s worked for all of them 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can literally turn LinkedIn into a CASH COW…then Click Here For Our Full LinkedIn Training.

Be Blessed

Cody Butler

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