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I Help Men with Subtance Abuse Issues are destroying Their Marriage

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Imagine Being Able To Talk About Anything With Your Partner Without Walking On Eggshells, Eliminating ALL The Daily Bickering, And Being Back In The Bed Sheets In Just 30 Days Or Less…

The Soul Mate relationship should be the shelter from the storm, the oasis in the desert, the cooling breeze on a hot day…

Your relationship shouldn’t be the storm…It shouldn’t be the desert…

But unfortunately, that’s where many, if not most couples find themselves. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re ready to make your home a place of refuge from the storm, a place of calm and rejuvenation…

If you’re ready to feel loved, connected, appreciated and understood…

I can help 

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What Would It Feel Like If…

  • You could talk about anything to your partner

  • You felt loved, appreciated, and cherished
  • Your partner spoke kind, nurturing, supportive words from their heart
  • The bickering and pettiness stopped
  • You regularly experience the connection of human touch
  • You’re a team with your spouse, there to support, nurture, and enjoy each other
  • You were happy!

These are all realities that are available, possible, and easily accessible to you RIGHT NOW

Are you ready to restore the peace and harmony in your relationship?

Are you ready for passion, for joy, for love, for connection, for playfulness, and for an ease in your relationship that you may never have known before?

It’s all waiting for you if you want it.

All you have to do is take the first step.


Cody Butler has helped over 2000 couples regain the passion, the love, and the intimacy in their relationships.

This is science. This is a proven methodology. Your success is assured.