Akbar Sheikh – “How I Grew A 7 Figure Coaching Business”

Akbar Sheikh – “How I Grew A 7 Figure Coaching Business”

Akbar Sheikh – “How I Grew A 7 Figure Coaching Business”

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Cody Butler



Hey Cody Butler here and welcome to the small business marketing Made Easy podcast where we’re dropping some truth bombs into your business to get some growth there I got x bar shake now I’ve followed x bar for a while I’ve been watching this stuff. I’ve kind of funnel hacked him a little bit to be honest with you. Is that good? So I reached out to him I thought why not get him on the show? Let’s get the let’s get the man on the show and hear from him yourself. Now I fast two comma club award winner meaning he’s done over seven figures in one particular funnel. And I’d love to talk to you about that fact by Welcome to the show. How’s it going?



Thanks, man. I had no idea your final act, but that’s awesome.



Hey, look, anytime I see someone that’s successful, I want to know what they’re doing. And And clearly, yeah, somebody who knows exactly what they’re doing. So what are you up to these days?



You know, it’s interesting, and we are streamlining, I would say, you know, different elements. If you want to run a successful business, you need a killer offer. I think we do have a killer offer. You need a good follow, which I think we have a decent long. Well, I mean, like someone level one, you know, there’s different levels of what you need, according to what kind of stage you go throughout. But if you want to start at the basics, you need a killer offer. And most people don’t that offers a very generic bland, generic elevator noise blend in with the marketplace noise and offers so good that it’s kind of a no brainer. Wow, I need that. I want that. So I think we have that. We have a pretty good funnel. And our traffic is all organic. Which is our problem, I guess you can call it right now. If you see we’ve never up until I think it was last month, we never made a dime off of paid traffic. And we just made our first ever sale a few weeks ago for Facebook. And then I think a few days later, we made our first ever sale from Google ads. Right. And so our number one focus right now is actually to build out and scale paid traffic. Right now everything’s organic. Thank God, it’s going well, but you know, you can’t you can only and the truth is, you know, I don’t know anyone doing, you know, a great eight figures with organic traffic. I don’t know of anyone if there is no please tell me I’d love to study them. But, you know, organic is great, but it’s limiting. So that is our current biggest project. I would say we help coaches and people who want to become coaches, you know, build a seven figure coaching business.



Yeah. Nice. Yeah. So you work with coaches and people that want to be coaches. But at the end of the day, people get confused about this stuff, right? So whether you’re a coach or whether you’re a dentist or whether you’re an IT service provider business is a business, right? That’s just what you do. What you do is help people get their business into the marketplace, right? And what the way you help people get their business into the marketplace, that’s going to be pretty much applicable for, for most businesses, right, you’re going to need that good offer, you’re going to need a route to market you’re going to need a way to communicate, you’re going to need some follow up you’re going to need a funnel. So what you do is it’s pretty pretty applicable to every every business right? So what are some some tips that you would give someone starting out that or even someone that’s not even starting out someone that’s been around for a while they’re just not getting the traction they’re looking for?



Yeah, I think it goes back to that brother. It’s like what do you got going on? Is your offer irresistible? Is your funnel fully optimized and how’s your traffic source? That’s the beginning role. Like you can get to seven figures with just those three things. And then it gets to Okay, I need like a team I need like, well, you should have an assistant from day one. But then it’s like, okay, who’s my sales team? For example, you can do some figures on your own with sales calls. Okay? I don’t recommend that by the way, but you can take the quiz. Okay, now we need a sales person a sales team. Okay, now I need a director of success for my clients. Okay, now I need someone on call attack. Okay, now I need um you know, copywriter for you. Yeah, you know, as you grow, your team grows, but you can make let’s just call it a million dollars pretty much by yourself with an assistant. You know, and of course, some contractors here and there, if you need some coffee or funnel or whatever, but so that’s the main thing. My main tip is keep it simple. Look at your funnel, your offer your traffic, where’s the bottleneck? Okay, let’s solve it. You know that as entrepreneurs. They give you a perfect example. So You know, during Corona, you know, years ago, I lost 5060 pounds on my own. And I think you guys call it what do you guys call it stones over there or



kilo? kilograms? So that’s about kilogram. 2525 kilograms. 30 kilograms, something like that. Yeah.



Yeah. So, recently during Corona, I gained about 20 bucks. And, you know, Lou the corona lifestyle? Yeah. And so yeah, well, you know, I live in Dallas, there’s a lot of good food and also, my wife’s a bit of a foodie. You know, you go to these nice restaurants, each dish is like, 1500 2000 calories.






You know, so, I think we eat out too much, to be honest. Anyway, um, eat out too much or ordered into lunch. But anyway. You know, I can lose the weight on my own. I did it before. But you know this. I’m a coach. I love coaches. So what did I do? I hired a weight loss coach, I just wanted to lose 20 pounds by the 17 pounds. Five weeks? I’ve been. Yeah, yeah. I was stuck. I was 197 pounds. When I started. Sorry, I know, you know, your Australia and stuff. But I was at 197 that, you know, I got stuck at 185. These, okay, they’re going well, losing, losing, losing, you know, stuck at 185 for like almost a week around about that. We have a problem. Okay. So what did we do? We analyzed? Okay, how was the water intake? Are we fought? How’s the water intake? How’s your sleep? How’s how strict? Are you following the food, we found out that I started, you know, I was being a little lenient with the water, I was not taking the vitamins, I was being a little lead on the. In other words, we identified the problem, we fixed it then. So for example, let’s just say as the water so I started drinking more water. And now we’re not stuck at the 185 anymore. Right now, this morning, we weighed in at 179 point something. So that’s what we do as entrepreneurs. The key is to identify the bottlenecks and then fix it. So it’s easier said than done. I mean, not really. It’s like, oh, what did I say? Said identify the problem and fix it. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna happen today. Okay, my phone was not converting Well, okay, let’s change the headline. Oh, that didn’t work. Well. Okay. Let’s try a different headline. Oh, that didn’t work. Okay, let’s try a different headline. You know, my current, you know, my current VSL is do well, it’s eight minutes long. I think it was my fourth attempt and grated, you know, I’ve been doing this for a while. So it’s not maybe not going to take me as many attempts. But yeah, four attempts to serious, you know, create a lot of work. Yeah. Yeah. So, ah, the problem is people say, Oh, you know, I tried that it didn’t work. What What do you mean? No, you did it, you try you choose do once. It’s like, you know, it’s like, it’s like, it’s like, you’re getting complaints? A man you kind of smell? If you change your underwear. Yeah, I changed it once last month. Well, you got to change it every day. What do you mean, change that once last month? You know, so it is that it goes back to the fundamental concept of the relentless pursuit, the tenacious and relentless pursuit to achieve your goals or die trying? Yeah, you know, it’s not for everybody in my and it’s not for everybody. Listen, I failed for many, many years. And I’ll never forget as long as this maniacal smile and laughter I had looking in the mirror and just saying, You know what? It was like I was reborn. I said, I’m going to make this work, or I’m going to die trying. no plan B, no other options. It’s impossible is the good news for people. Look, if trying to make this online, they work. I’ll tell you it’s science on a scientific level. Because I specialize in human behavior and ethical principles of persuasion. On a scientific level, it is absolutely virtually impossible for you not to succeed. If you’re doing the kinds of things we’re talking about here. And you’re not giving up. You’re testing, tweaking, scaling, you have the right blueprint. So that’s the good news. The bad news is that most people just unfortunately, are not committed and then either quit to say, including, unfortunately you want your proof of that. Well, we’re here in America. Take a look at the obesity rate. It’s disgusting. You’ll walk around you see, it’s disgusting. They’re not committed to eating healthy, worldwide. Take a look. The divorce rate is pathetic. People are not committed 50% Yeah, it’s pathetic. People are committed. People are generally not committed to their health. their wealth, look at the the average person is living check the check.



People are not committed. to their health, wealth, relationships. By the way, I wasn’t either. I wasn’t committed to any of that. So, and I’m a divorced and I’m happily married now for children. But I’ve been divorced, because I wasn’t. I’ve been super fat. I’ve been I was broke for many years. I wasn’t committed to any of these things. So, you know, once you decide, it’s like my, this cheesy cousin, right? He’s like, Oh, this guy’s lucky. That guy’s lucky. Nah, man, I don’t believe in any of that. There’s no such thing as luck. I completely believe that success is nothing but an option. And most people just choose not to have it. You know, I believe you create your own success, your own luck. Listen, man, I’m a funny looking, technologically illiterate brown guy with a name that no one can say speller pronounce. Okay, if I can become a top 1% earner? I’m pretty sure you get it. You know?



Yeah, that’s it. We could stop right there. accubond. That would be enough value for everybody. I mean, that that’s immense. What you’ve just said that people that understand that can comprehend what you’ve just said there that you’ve just given them everything that they need to succeed. And so you can’t you can’t ask the next question. But obviously, you’re more successful than 99% of people. So you do things differently than 99% of people. Now, obviously, you’ve just said never quit, never give up. All that kind of stuff. That’s obviously one thing, but what is what what’s one or two things that you do? That is different that the average person doesn’t do?



You know, brother, I get asked that a lot. I need to sit down to be honest with you. I need to sit down alone. And maybe not alone. Maybe I need to sit with some wise men, you know, some scholarly elderly people? Yeah. Because I have conflict. I’ll be totally transparent. Totally. Honestly. I have conflicting thoughts. I have conflicting thoughts. One of my thoughts. I’m just gonna be totally honest with you.



Yes. Right.



What am I? Yeah, one of my thoughts is, look, there’s this big argument in college, big debate. Are you born an entrepreneur? Or are you made into an entrepreneur? Ellison, I come from an entrepreneurial family, okay. For like, many, many, many generations, there’s only ever been a handful of people in my entire lineage who’s had a job. So there’s a lot of the nine to five world all due respect, anyone listening is, you know, I went and my cousin works for a fortune 500 company, right? She took me to her work, and I kid you not, I’ve never had a real job. So I’m not exposed to that world. And it was a mixture, big, big, big campus, it was a mixture of a jail in a graveyard. Honestly, it was the most humiliating part is when they took me to the break room. And they give you free graham crackers. And you can hear the buzzing tubelight above you. And they give you the golden handcuffs. They give you your health insurance and your car and his cell phone. It is to the point people think oh man, how can I leave? How am I going to pay for health insurance? How am I going to do this? If the golden handcuffs? It is I find it disgusting personally, but and that’s no offense to anybody. It’s just that because I know psychology very well. I know what the employers are doing. It’s modern day slavery. I know what they’re doing with the with the free graham crackers in the kitchen and give you the health insurance. You know, I know what they’re doing. So I find it vile. But your question is, what is the 1% do differently from the 99%? Is and that’s where I have conflicts is like Well, listen, is the 1% just kind of born be because like I can see people like I could tell winner or not winner, right? Like this guy’s gonna make it this guy’s gonna Crusher. This person not they’re not gonna make like, I get it I with great accuracy. I didn’t look at that. So that’s one side of the argument is that well, but then people you know, that’s once you’re born into it or not. Right? Okay. And that’s a very deep discussion on its own. You know, Okay, number one. Number two is can you change into top 1% person? Well, I guess you could say that I did. I was most of my life broke fat crippling anxiety disorder married to the devil toxic relationships had no why was it spiritual? I was a loser big time for most of my life that is that by that I don’t need to like say loser winner loser. You know, I don’t want to I’m not here to offend anybody by that. I’m talking about myself. And, and I did change. So the most practical advice I can give when someone asked me a question like that is only from my own experience. And they say well, what transformation that I go through? How did I go from? Oh, party animal nightmare. Like Crazy like, you know, we might repetitions. That’s crazy dude like, you know, party animal maniac. How do you go from that? bomb? Well and by the way I used to live in electrical closet for a little while. So how do you go from bad to top one percenter? Well, I did go through a cleanse. If you want practical advice, what does that mean? Long story short you guys like the barbecue out there and Australia. So yeah, we’d love to as well. I’m from Dallas. So here’s the thing was a few weeks ago, we went to a vacation house in Connecticut. And we bought some great burgers man. It was really good burgers. I think they were like bread. It was a mixture of ribbon brisket was unbelievable. Anyway, it was like a brand new grill replacement system Airbnb. Brand new grill. Man, I put that burger on there on the grill. Two minutes by the clock flipped at two minutes. Click Done, man. Unbelievable burger. Okay. Quick, clean and delicious. Okay, then we went to a lake house a few weeks later, I bought bought the same burgers because there was so good. Okay, this grill. Nobody used it in a while. You see the oil had clogged the pores in the grill. And so now it’s this really shoddy grill. It’s kind of half hot half not hot. It’s, you know, it’s like a little hot in the front more hot in the back. It’s all jacked up. So we’re like, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how long to leave the burger in there. Where to put it How long? We had no idea what to do. burger ended up over coach bird. Nasty dry. Disgusting.



Okay, the second grill the first grill was optimized. What’s the difference? The second row is clogged. Okay. I just can tell by myself. For most of my life when I was a failure, I was clogged. And what do I mean by that? Physically? I was you are what you eat. Okay? No, it’s funny as I get older, and I get all these gray hairs. And all these cheesy means and sayings you are what you eat and time is of the essence and all of these cliches, right? Right. They’re all very, very real. It’s it’s hilarious, because you see, there’s again, we go deep into this, but there’s a lot of science into it. You see, when I changed my diet, everything changed. When I went from Pepsi to water, I used to go fast food every day, cheeseburgers junk pizza, when I went organic diet when I started drinking a lot of water and you can see it here. You know, when I started drinking a lot of water when I started going organic and I left all the festivals. Everything changed, energy went up, confidence went up, a drive went up, everything goes up. Okay, that’s one thing about a whole cleanser. And maybe some people are saying that me I’m in good shape already. This doesn’t really apply to me. Maybe not. But by that you can always optimize your health. Are you? Are you fully optimized? Are you eating enough vegetables are eating the fruits, healthy fats? You have the right vitamins. Are you exercising enough? I mean, there’s always room for improvement. Okay, maybe some people think mate, I’m in good shape and move on. Okay, let’s move on. physical health, mental health, I have a lot of mental trash. So I need to get rid of that. And by the way, it’s all these things I’m about to mention. They’re all intertwined. Yeah. You see, let’s skip mental for a second and talk about spiritual health because spiritual health and I never had a why I never prayed. I was never God fearing. And when I started doing yoga, when I started becoming spiritually alert, when I started praying, and everything changed, everything changed. I changed my diet, everything changed when I became more spiritual. These things started helping me in my mind, really when I became God fearing I no longer had anxiety because he had a crippling anxiety disorder. You see, because anxiety is afraid of the future. I’m afraid of the unknown.



If you believe that God loves you tremendously and everything happens for your benefit and and that God will protect you. Well, then, by default, you cannot believe you cannot be anxious about anything that will happen in the future. Because it’s what got it’s because everything is everything that happened is supposed to happen. And it’s God’s plan. And so literally my anxiety pretty much yeah, I went through pills and therapies and every pill, they threw me and everything, nothing worked. There’s all garbage. And it was only that belief in God that kind of instantaneously eliminated. Okay, physical health, spiritual health, and that fixed my mental and your environment. And I was surrounded by toxic marriage toxic Friends, and as soon as I eliminated all of that my whole life changed. So the combination of these four things I was clogged, these orbs in my life were clogged once I cleanse them, you know, everything changed? Well, you know, it’s my, my mindset is healthy, I’ve energy. I’ve clarity, I have focus, I have passion. And I think these things most people don’t have. I think these I’m not doing I’m technologically literate. I’m not a tech. But if you think oh, well, you know, I do I do not know, from day one. I always had people doing that from day one. When I started roughly three years ago, something like that, in this new business, my new coaching business. I didn’t have any I don’t have any money, I was working for non for profit at the time, I left the non for profit. And I was worth living check to check with a non for profit. I was happy. But it was my fault. We were living check the check. We just we live in the American way we live outside our means we can probably only afford to eat out once a week or something. We eat twice a week, you know, sad a little bit of debt, a little bit of American Express debt. Which is stupid, but you know, just a little fiscally responsible. Anyway. My first client was my good friend who I’m still good friends with today, by the way. And no, he was not my good friend, we became good friends. I didn’t know him. Anyway, my first client was $5,000. With my very first check, I hired an assistant very part time, I think 10 hours a week. I think there were like five to $10 What was that? 1500 dollars a week, right? So from very from the very beginning, you know, you have to do what you do best and outsource the rest. I’m not a tech person. I’m not that guy. So I have people from day one helping me with that. And I think a lot of people screw themselves over with this by the way. You see if to give you an analogy. If you’re going to go build a house, buy those beautiful homes in Sydney, you said you’re over there. Beautiful, stunning homes. You see if I’m going to go build a house, and I’m a I’m a painter. But I try and I’m going to Okay, well I’m going to paint but you know what, I’m also going to do the plumbing, well, you know what, I’m also going to do the electricity. You know what’s going to happen? If you try to do the electricity on your house? Your house is going to go on fire. But to the ground? Yeah. And that’s exactly what people are doing to their businesses by trying to do everything themselves. It’s asinine. It’s, it’s completely ridiculous concept. I mean, if you really, you see that what you see, if you really peel the onion back to how and why are people being ridiculous and trying to do everything? I mean, what a ridiculous concept. It Go, it goes, it’s a deep rooted reason, one of which is the internet, historically speaking, it’s still relatively new. You see, the internet didn’t truly become popular until the original iPhone came out about 12 years ago. That’s where the internet got really popular. You know, Whatsapp, Facebook, all these things came afterwards, right? Okay. You see, when the original camera came out, people would go but put their fingers in a cross. And there was, therefore the camera took a piece of your soul. And when someone took a picture of you, it was the unknown. Right now making money online. You see, the first ever business I believe, I don’t know, if you’re, somebody can correct me if I have the number wrong, I apologize. You can google it on your own time. But I believe the first ever business transaction was made 77,000 years ago, on an island somewhere off of Fiji, where they traded volcanic glass.



You see, for many, many, many years, business was conducted in the marketplace, flea market outdoors, intense and things like that, okay. Then mail was invented, and they did mail, they trade by mail ship, trains on and so forth. Then retail was invented. And then it stores that people go shopping. And then and all these modes or platforms lasted very, very long time. Okay, then the internet came about. Now people do business online. And historically speaking, this is very new. So right now the way the majority people are mentally treating online business is that it’s some miracle. lottery, mystical, magical, I’ll push a few buttons and I’ll make money and when in reality, it’s nothing of the sort. And it is exactly the same fundamental principles that were used 77,000 years ago when they were trading Volcania glass, it’s just that the platform is shifted. Okay. You see, when you go to a funnel or website and you see a sales letter, it’s the exact same carbon copy psychology as the sales letters they used to mail people in STEM in the 70s before the internet was around the 70s and 80s. They used to mail you sales letters to sell you something If you read those from decades ago, and the sales pages did this exact same psychology, so, you know, I mean, we could go on and on and on, but I’m just explaining why a lot of people are and how a lot of people are thinking incorrectly about the online opportunity. In my opinion,



yeah, that’s great, some great points. It’s like I had a mentor, tell me one time do any how you do anything, is how you do everything. So the points you bring up there make perfect sense. If you’re neglecting your health, you’re neglecting your relation, you can’t be you can’t be diligent in this era, your life and and paying close attention to this. So if you if you want, I always tell my clients this. They think that they’re focused on their business, I’m like, have a look at your relationship. If you want to know how well you’re doing in your business. In other words, that you’re withholding from your wife or husband, other things you could do that you’re not that that’s going to tell you is how you do anything is how you do everything.



It’s true, there’s a, you know, the you know, there’s an old saying, you know, we used to and I was in retail, and, you know, when we used to hire people, we would go to the parking lot, and you know, we would meet them at the parking lot. And we would take a look inside their car. And if their car is a complete mess, we forget about it. Anyway, this interview is done. Yeah, no need to waste any time.



Exactly. As I always ask people, if people come in for an interview, the first question I asked him is what were you listening to on the way? That’s my first? What are you reading right now? And what’s what what did you listen to on the car? On the way here to this interview? Yeah, to question



if they have a good one. I don’t



know if they’re listening to like some kind of educational stuff that I can probably just stop the interview right there and say, hi.



Yeah, it’s that rare. It’s not rare.



If they’re listening to the radio, it’s like, again, I can probably stop the interview right there.



You know, it’s interesting, man, we need to you see a lot of people are brainwashed man, because they grew up in nine to five families. And they really brainwashed the way they’re thinking. They’ve been molded into a scarcity mindset, where they just do what they’re told, and what the greedy corporations tell them to do. I think the average mind is very sweet and innocent. And you know, these greedy corporations use pretty deep principles of persuasion to keep you buying and guessing and spinning and, and running in circles. So it’s tough man, I feel for a lot of the people who grew up in these environments and are finding it hard to reprogram themselves. I never what advice is, is the cleanse I was discussing earlier.



Yeah. Listen, listen, some good advice. So I’m mindful of your time here. I know you’re a very busy man. So you’ve given us a lot of a lot of stuff to to chew over and think about here. So tell tell everybody, where can where can they find you? If they want to get a hold of you, if they like what you’re saying? How would they go about doing that as



well? Thanks, man. I got a you know, honestly, I’m pretty simple man. You know, we’re not fancy. We don’t have all these fancy things, our stuffs pretty simple. Amen. Our number one best opportunity to partner with us. So we can help you build a seven figure coaching business, it’s actually a very unique opportunity to just give you all my proven templates, scripts, traffic structures, offer formulas, and closing scripts, everything is really a coaching business in a box, and actually partner with you and support you on a daily basis. So if that if you’re interested in learning more about that or myself, you actually can just go to my name that nobody can spell calm, which is a, you know, aka ba rsH Ei kh calm marketer I am. Yeah, yeah, What a pathetic marketer I am. I should come up with, like a name that everyone can spell something. Yeah, go to the most complicated name out there. Go to that darker.



Yeah, yeah. Cool. Excellent. I’ll put that anybody wants to get hold. I’ll put those. I’ll put a link below. I’ll put it in the show notes. And I’m sure that you’re available on all the usual suspects, right. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, all that kind of stuff.



Yeah, Facebook. Yeah, my team does stuff on LinkedIn. I’ve never logged in but I do. I do fun Instagram stories at the actor chic.



Calm is the best place to get a hold of you.



Yeah, I’m pretty active on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn, I have Twitter I don’t have LinkedIn I have but modern on my team doesn’t know that is something I think they try to get leads from them or something.



Even even, even fantastic timing the information that you’ve given today is It is top notch first class. You’ve been very generous for that. So thanks. God bless you, my man. Thank you for coming on today. Don’t forget to like the show. Give us a like, subscribe, leave a comment.



Thank you. We’re very Thank you so much. See ya. Bye bye

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