How to easily add $50k in profit per month to your business starting immediately with no additional work

This blog post is about to reveal to you my proven, proprietary methodology resulting from over $1.8 million of research and development in the real world that is consistently and predictably delivering over $50k+ per month in additional, “found” profits to Business Owners all over the world.

I’m about to share with you why it’s far easier to increase your profits by 500% than it is to increase them by 50%.

But before I start I want to be very clear, this isn’t a sales letter. I’m not secretly hoping you hire me, in fact, it’s not possible to hire me. I’m not a consultant or another “Marketing Guy” looking for clients any more than you’re just another employee looking to get hired at a business.

I’m a business owner like yourself who employs what I’m about to share with you into my own business. This is me giving back out of gratitude for what has been given to me. That said…

The answer to that question is NO, absolutely not, there are certain criteria that must be satisfied to release huge hidden profits immediately and those criteria are as follows…

  1. Offer High Ticket, High Margin products.
  2. Have a proven sales process that efficiently and routinely turns inquiries into customers.
  3. Have excess capacity in your business that would facilitate an additional $50k per month of revenue.
  4. Be looking to efficiently and rapidly release the trapped profits that the under utilised capacity holds.

If that describes your practice, congratulations you’re going to want to read this white paper several times. If that’s not you then you can certainly benefit from this paper but maybe it’s not quite right for you just yet.

So let me start by saying this…

Let me explain…The first dollar generated in your business each month is constituted entirely of expense, rent, utilities, staff etc and contains ZERO profit within it. That means you don’t get to keep any of it.

The last dollar generated each month is constituted almost entirely of profit, that means you get to keep almost all of it. Are they equal – No Way.

You need less of the first type and more of the second, makes sense? For the purposes of this blog post, so we’re clear, I’m talking about getting more of the second type, the type you get to keep.

So let’s assume for a moment all of your overheads are covered through the revenue generated upto day 26 of the month, let’s call that day whatever it is “OVERHEAD FREEDOM DAY” that means…

Days 1-26 = ZERO MARGIN all expense

Days 27-31 = 70%+ MARGIN no expense

Virtually all profits will typically come from only 4-5 days of trading each month.

You would see a disproportionate increase in Profit to Revenue. Revenue would increase by 33% while profits increased by 1000%+, the numbers are too big to even calculate.

Of course not but by adding additional revenue equivalent to 10 days, that would constitute exactly the same effect of having 10 additional days in the month.

So if we can increase your sales by 33% in the same 30 day period, we achieve the same Profit Multiplication Effect as adding 10 additional days to the month.

Let’s put that another way…

It’s just basic math, nothing complicated, all very doable I think you’ll agree.

You see here’s the mistake that most Business Owners in a growth phase make and after reading this paper you can avoid…

Owners look to grow profits by adding additional locations etc. They simply replicate a very inefficient (although somewhat profitable model) into a new location. This will indeed increase the overall profits of the business by 50% – but with A LOT OF EFFORT AND HEADACHE.

By addressing the spare capacity issue, it becomes massively easier to 5X your profits from one location than it is to 1.5X your profits by opening a new location…

Once you have your business “dialed in” at 100% capacity, then you expand a ruthlessly efficient model to an additional location(s) or into the growth model you use.

Think about that for a moment…We’re talking serious money here.

It’s all very straight forward and it boils down to this simple formula…

Especially if you have a proven, replicable, turnkey system that virtually guarantees the results you must achieve to get more of the dollars you get to keep.

The plan’s built on the Magic Number of 33%, we need a solid plan to hit a 33% increase in sales. But before I give you the battle-tested, proven methodology that really can’t fail, let me ask you this…

The foundation of a great plan is a belief in the possibility of greater things. Does the potential exist in your business to experience massive results?

Are you good enough, is your product good enough, are your people good enough, are you committed enough?

If the answer is YES and I know it is or you wouldn’t still be reading, then my next question is why hasn’t it happened yet?

Too busy to focus on growth? Too risky or are you just not sure how or where to start?

Those are the typical answers I get to that question but none of those reasons are real problems. I assure you, you’re a lot closer than you might think!

It all becomes extremely easy once you understand this…

Let’s simplify this so it really is super easy, let’s say your business has three parts to it:

  1. Number of inquiries per month
  2. % of inquires turned into customers
  3. Value of those customers

Month 1

100 inquires

70 become patients

Value per customer $1K (average)

What happens if we can improve each area by 10%? That looks like this…

Month 2

110 inquires (10% increase)

77% become customers (10% increase)

Value per patient $1.1K (10% increase)

Net result

Month 1

100 x 0.7 x $1K = $70K Revenue

Month 2

110 x 0.77 x $1.1K = $92,400 Revenue

31.4% Increase, that’s $22,000 for FREE

Visually that looks like this

Massive Profit Multiplication at work.

By adding a handful of high value per month your overall per customer value could be increased by 50%. That would look like this…

Obviously I’m being very general with the numbers but you get the idea right 🙂

Gross Revenue increased by 55.5% per month.

Remember, that’s a 55.5% improvement in gross revenue or $56K, but because these gains are coming from spare capacity, the increase in profit is off the charts!

Of course, these numbers are for demonstration and more for easy math than for accuracy but you get the point…

So you’re probably thinking that’s amazing but where would I even start with this?

Let me ask you this…

If we could show you how to do this in your business would you be interested?

Obviously this is general…what if we had a Strategy Session and we could tailor and “Hand-In-Glove” solution specifically for you?

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