To get paid the best you have to be the best.

There’s no way around that regardless of what anybody tells you.

I hear you say not true Cody…I can outsource…

Sure, but you’re going to need to become the best at spotting talent, convincing them to work for you, organizing and motivating, etc.

And I can tell you…birds of a feather flock together.

If they’re great and you’re not…working for you isn’t going to be fun for them.

You can’t have literally no skills and succeed, which is exactly what a lot of people are claiming today.

I talk to business owners every day and they all want one thing…massive growth quickly!

99 out of 100 people ask one thing…how can I get more clients?

Very rarely do I hear “I’m really looking to get better at what I do?”.

Well, the easiest way to get more clients is to become better at what you do!

This is why getting really niched is important.

You can’t be great at everything but you can be great at one thing for one industry.

Copywriting is something I choose to be great at…Sales letters, ads, that kind of stuff.

So if you want to be great…what do you have to do?


>I wrote over 3000 ads last year alone.

>I always say yes to copy reviews.

>I write sales letters every week…people only see the winners 🙂

They don’t see how many you have to write to get a winner!

>I’m always looking at ads…on Facebook…on the side of buses…in magazines, you name it.

>I’m reading books by great copywriters all the time.

It goes on.

Basically, it’s like I’m going to the gym every day to get stronger and stronger at what I do.

That’s how you have to approach it.

That’s how you have to view it.

If you buy into the “you don’t need any skills” lie that’s being perpetrated by a lot of people for their interest, not yours, then here is the bottom line…

You’ll end up unskilled labor…and we all know how that turns out.

Commit to becoming great at what you do