How To Use Incentives In Your Marketing With Greg Cassar

How To Use Incentives In Your Marketing With Greg Cassar

How To Use Incentives In Your Marketing With Greg Cassar

Today we’re talking “Incentivised Marketing” with Greg Cassar.

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It’s time for small business marketing Made Easy podcast. The fastest growing podcast for the business community with your host, acclaimed marketing trainer, international speaker and author of the best selling books got attitude and the 90 day marketing plan. Cody Butler



Hey Cody and welcome to another episode of small business marketing Made Easy today I’ve got Greg casar. Now I met Greg for the first time probably was about a year ago, Greg probably at a mastermind of marketers here in Sydney, Australia. And Greg did a presentation on incentivized to market in any held the room captive, like nobody I’ve ever seen before. Everybody was just spellbound. Everybody was amazed with what he was saying. And I really wanted to get Greg on today to talk about incentivize marketing, and see if we can shed some light on how we can create some differentiation and distinction in a marketplace where sometimes there isn’t very much. So welcome to the show, Greg, how’s it going?



Excellent. Cody, thank you for having me. Yeah, life is good.



So Greg, Greg’s a marketer growth hacker tech founder, Frank plantbased. Got his finger in many, many pies many very, very successful eight figure businesses. Sounds like you’ve got one this fast heading towards nine figures as well, Greg. So tell us a little bit about your background, how you got started and and what you’re doing? Okay,



cool. Yeah. So I was always a geek, I was in, you know, corporate It was good at it worked my way up to be an enterprise architect, designing computer networks for banks and insurance companies and stuff like that, but wasn’t really my passion long term. You know, when the internet came out, and I started selling on there, started getting good at it. And then after a while, people were saying to me, Hey, could you help me with that, and so sort of morphed over into running a marketing agency did that for six or seven years, which was fantastic. And then morphed into running, becoming a coach. So ran high end digital marketing mastermind in Australia called the collected for six and a half years. And then in more recent times, in the last year and a half, I’m pursuing a growth hacker. So basically, I work with a small number of partners, and I’m the sort of guy that you can bring into a company, and it’s going like that, and then, you know, make it scale exponentially. So I just work with a couple of smart entrepreneurs that we’re partners and we grow global brands. Yeah, very, very well. So and then I’m also very big in a lifestyle design. So I’ve moved from the cities as such to Byron Bay in Australia, so close to you know, I’m surfing and trying to keep fit and healthy and you know, live life. Good, good work life balance as well.



I talked to my wife the other day, I said, Maybe we should consider move to Byron Bay. So I might have to talk to you about that afterwards.



Yeah, it’s amazing, certainly very special place, I sell a lot of travel offers. And you with COVID, because the international borders have been closed. For the Australian market. Actually, barn has been the number one destination that we’ve sold the most of just because it’s beautiful, you know, surrounded by trees and stuff like that. And also the Queensland border was shot. And so yeah, it’s been really, really popular destination lately.



Great, great. So let’s talk a little bit about incentivized marketing. So like I said, You gave your presentation at the the elite, elite marketers mastermind in Sydney, and it was, it was mind blowing. So that was that was really upset have heard of incentivize marketing before, but not in the way that you presented it. So what is incentivized marketing? Greg? And how can the average business owner take advantage of it? Yeah, well, if



you think about I think it is kind of like it all really starts with a mindset and a success mindset of how can I stand out and be different everyone else so most business owners, like will race to the bottom on price, you know, where they cheapest, you know, that kind of thing. Or they might have a statement, you know, we have the best service or we have the best, whatever, but it doesn’t necessarily Sing out as a as an amazing benefit, or reason why to choose them to the consumer. So we learned about, like I learned about a years ago, creating incentives or another way to think about it is bonuses. That you can attach to your offer so that if they if they go with you, they get this amazing bonus if we think about some of the best ones over history. The Sports Illustrated magazine now one of the first that did it, they did like if you sign up to get a year’s worth of Sports Illustrated magazine, you would get this football phone which was back in the days when was like corded phones and they sold like a million subscriptions in no time flat. So it’s like one of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time. McDonald’s also does it Really, really well. So like a lot of you see some of these examples, a lot of the biggest marketers in the world actually use incentives. So McDonald’s, I don’t know, like, if you ever been going down the highway with, you know, your kids in the back, and the little kids, you pull over in the McDonald’s, if you just get like a happy meal, the they got the toy in there. And that’s so incentivizing the parents to buy that for the kids so that the kids are entertained, you know, in the, in the car, that kind of thing. But no real, no parent ever seems to know the price point of what are Happy Meals worth, and they don’t really care so much, because the eye has been taken off the price. So like, you know, really, really focused on that, which has been a great thing. So that’s what I love about incentives, it’s not about a race to the bottom, effectively, you can become a market of one, because they’re choosing you for the for this bonus, or for this incentive, a couple of, you know, really, really good examples. Amazon, you know, so Jeff Bezos, who has the richest man in the world, right now through the Amazon, you know, group group of companies, one of their most successful offers is like Amazon Prime. So you get started, you’re actually signing up for shipping, you pay like $60 a year or whatever, for shipping, but they’ll give you prime video and now prime music and stuff for free. So they’re, they’ve created a high value service, so that it just becomes really like a no brainer, hey, I may as well get amazon prime, because I’m going to get my shipping for free. So they’ve actually like, spun it around, they’ve done such a good job on it, that people are actually signing up for the bonus, and then happy to get the product as a secondary. And there’s a really great example here in Australia as well. JD john Dwyer, who’s really, I learned a lot about incentive based marketing from JD, he, his client previously, when he was a marketing consultant was the greater credit union. So sorry, Grady building society, and everyone else was competing on interest rates. So everyone else was competing on interest rates to say, get the lowest interest rate here, that kind of thing was he did a campaign of switch to the greater, so not just focusing on new clients, but also focusing on clients who’ve already out there. So it’s a bigger, bigger market and saying switch to the greater and get a free holiday in this case. So instead of giving away like a 10% discount, he bundled that 10%, up, they kept the price the same and turn that into a holiday that they could choose around the world. And they need 15 billion plus in extra sales. So just thinking about incentives or bonuses, rather than discounts. Really, it makes you more profitable, and it gives the market a reason to choose you.



Yeah, that that’s great advice. So basically, I mean, one of the one of the things that marketing is very counterintuitive, right? A lot of things that you think will work well, and vice versa. And one of the things that I find is that people, they don’t buy the product or the price they buy the deal. Yes, people love a good deal, right? It’s like, you can’t beat a good deal. And as you’re saying here, people will choose a high priced product, if it’s a great deal, or there’s a great bonus attached to it. So we’ve talked some some good examples here, McDonald’s, Amazon, national bags and stuff like that. That’s obviously really high, you know, big, big scale, high dollar stuff. What about the local? What about the local business owner, the man on the street? That what what can he do Greg to add some real high value incentivization bonuses into their market and to get those kind of results.



Yeah, so there’s multiple different incentives you can do. And like, really, it’s only limited by your imagination. I’m part owner in a company called marketing boost, where we basically give business owners the ability to give away vacations or holidays, depending on which part of the world so it’s like, really, really low price point, only for $37 a month, and you can give away holiday so and I’ll explain how that I’ll explain how that works at the moment, because it sounds like sort of too good to be true. But these basically like any business, you can think about it, there’s multiple different ways to structure the offer. So like, for example, sign up for our six month package, and we’ll give you a free Queensland trip for two, you know, that kind of thing. Or you could be using it for example, often real estate agents will be using it for leads, for example, do an open house with us or let us do an evaluation of your of your valuation of your property. And we’ll give you you know, for example, two nights to bar and that kind of thing. Um, well, so it really depends on what’s gonna work best for your market. If it’s, it doesn’t work if it’s a really, really small price point. So if you’re selling a $37 thing, giving away a free holiday doesn’t feel believable, but if you’re selling a couple hundred dollar thing, a $500 thing $1,000 thing, then that’s how you can make it feel believable and really give people a reason to choose you. And the most common question we get is what how are you able to get help? You possibly give away these rooms? That’s right, really, really the, you know, the biggest objection that ever comes up. But what what the secret sauce is we’re actually getting access to unsold hotel rooms. So saying this example Cody owns a hotel in Sydney, and they’re only at 60% occupancy, what that would mean is that 40% of the time, they don’t have people in those rooms. And so they have for organizations like ours, to work with business owners like you guys to put people in those rooms, because what they know is he say, Cody and his family go to that hotel, then, in that case, they might be they might buy breakfast, they might buy dinner, they might be something at the bar, you know, that kind of thing. Other hotels have casinos, etc. So a customer who’s even got in there at low price or for free is still better for them, because they spend money there than those who don’t. So that’s how we make it work. There’s multiple different ways you can do incentives, they don’t have to be with holidays, or vacations. But from our experience, you know, that has been the most effective because if I give you a TV, then I like offer you a TV, you might look and go hang on, we’ve already got a good TV, so I’m not really that fussed about that, or here, you’ll get a free fridge. Well Hang on, we’ve already got a pretty good fridge, I don’t need that. But even if you’ve just got back from holiday from Fiji, and like here’s a ticket to Vanuatu, you pretty much get back on the plane and heads back out because no one ever really says, No, that’s enough holidaying for me. You get that really, but you know, like, it’s really, really exciting. It’s a 60 offer, which is why you know, that example with JD and the greater building society. It just worked so well, where people were just switching their home loan because they wanted the bonus, they wanted the incentive of the free holiday, which might not be that achievable to some folks who are just battling it out sort of thing. Does that explain that?



Yeah. Now that that’s pretty awesome. So I think you touched on one point there, which was the whole to true to be good situation. So you guys say I’m a business owner. I’m saying Yeah, that sounds sounds great. Greg, you know, get obviously given a vacation with each one of my products, or inspections, or viewings or whatever, it is great. But surely, that’s gonna, how’s that going to be cost effective for me? Right? So you mentioned marketing versus $37 a month? To be able to give away vacations for $37 a month, that doesn’t sound believable?






So how can can you talk to that a little bit more?



Okay, so, the business, so the business model is like, so marketing boost makes money on subscription, you know, so that’s just like any SAS, you know, software as a service, business. And then, so we also, yeah, so we also have hotel partners, so which, like, you know, which provide us the hotel. And when when we put some money in a hotel, So say, for example, I was the business owner, and Cody was my client. And I gave him that. And I gave him that vacation certificate, there might be small fees and taxes to the equivalent of like, $29 a month or 30, sorry, not a night or $34, or $21, that kind of stuff, so that some of that money adds up as well. So, because also, not everyone, not everyone travels, and not everyone travels in all the instances. So that’s basically the two different ways that you know, marketing boost Can, can make money. And so that’s how we make it make it fly. What I love about this, though, is it’s really like a win win win. So the business owner really wins because they’ve got an exciting bonus to give away to their clients, the client really wins because they’ve got a vacation or a holiday that they wouldn’t have got. And then you know, marketing boost wins as well, because we’re, you know, growing out growing our client base, so there’s kind of yet it’s not really, yeah, I love it. Because it’s a fair balanced ecosystem.



No, it’s nice. So there are other incentives available as well right within within marketing boost. So it’s not, it’s not just vacation, obviously, vacations are high value, once you do offer other other incentive programs as well that the business owners can take advantage of right?



There is and sometimes these ones work better for like the low ticket items. So they might be like a hotel savings card of $100. You know, that kind of stuff, or they could be or restaurant, you know, like savings cards, that kind of thing. Some of those work better in the US though and Canada than they do in Australia. So that’s why I don’t really push them as much, because it’s one of those deals where you then got to find a participating, you know, partners that I’ve worked with. So that’s why I don’t really push those as much. But in the US and Canada, they’re very, very common, but not so much here in Australia and New Zealand, that kind of thing.



So just say no, Greg, we’ve got a big listener base in the US as well. So that the only word Yeah. So interested in that.



Yeah, works perfect for that. Yes.



Great, great. So, what are some other ways that this can be used obviously with with COVID going on, and Stuff like that people are going to go well, arguably vacation card or hotel combination may not be the best thing right now. So what are your thoughts around that? Can this still work in our current current environment? Yes. So



when we look across like, is literally thousands and thousands of business owners that are doing this, the ones that are doing and best in COVID, what they’re doing is they’re focusing on regional travel. So international travel doesn’t work at the moment or giving a trip to Hawaii isn’t so flash, or that kind of ultra valleys and so flash, but if you think about your regional borders, so like, where our borders open within your country, that kind of thing. So when you’re in New South Wales, say you’re in Sydney, you can now you could give a Queensland one or you could give other locations with the New South Wales, if you’re in the US, what else is in your state or around? You’ve just got to be when you give it away? The only kind of like, caveat Oh, gotcha. It’s just got to be at least a minimum of 100 miles. Yeah. Which is 160 kilometers from the home. And that’s really just designed, because like, anything, you anything, you build, people exploit it. So we had people who are like, they’re using the hotel right beside them, and they got their fellows coming over to visit and then they have to move. And then Morelos moving into what is like basically providing free hotel services for people’s families. So that’s why we had to come up with that, you know, hundred mile radius. But to answer that question, yeah, really regional travel, not international travel. So just thinking about that sweet spot, what’s really working great is, hey, what’s what’s sort of between two and four hours drive from where, from where our customer bases, and then if you can give them that sort of trip, they can already imagine themselves, you know, getting in there, getting in the car, and heading off their mud, all all these that we’re talking about here, all these intendeds work for per couple, and some of them work with a small family, you know, like two kids under 12, as well, it really depends on you know, hotel, to hotel, but it doesn’t, incentives don’t have to be with hotels, like I think the idea really is just to plant the seed of what can we do to create an amazing bonus that really makes us stand out from the crowd. And that gives our clients a reason to choose us. Or ideally, like if we do a good enough job on incentive based marketing, you can go from a market of everyone down to a market of one where they just want to deal with you to get your bonus like and I think that amazon prime is a great example of that. And I think that the McDonald’s Happy Meal is a great example of that as well, where there’s there’s no one else that really does exactly what McDonald’s Happy Meal does. So if you can figure out just that one concept alone, like, if you can figure that out for your business that can be Yeah, like a million dollar idea or multi million dollar idea. So I think as entrepreneurs, sometimes one of the greatest things we can do is actually stop and think, I think sometimes we’re so busy just running, just do running the business whereas like that stop and strategic thinking, and then nailing the big idea or working with a marketing strategist or a coach like Cody or someone to help you nail the big idea. That’s the I think that is really like the the best use of your time and then put in place a plan to make it happen.



That’s great, great advice. I think one of the biggest ways that that we’ve seen to use incentivize marketing with their clients is that if you have a product or service, it’s very hard to differentiate. Like if you’re a gym, a gym membership is very hard to differentiate. If you’re a dentist, it’s very hard to differentiate your service or anything like get a real estate agent, a car dealership, it’s going to be very difficult to differentiate from everybody else. And you can add an incentivized program on top of your existing marketing where you don’t actually have to change anything you don’t have to you don’t have to change anything you just add it’s a simple addition and it’s a very cost effective position that if you’re a dentist and you get a you get a two night stay in a in a local hotel with with your first visit or you could use it in customer service right fill out a custom fill out our customer service survey and get a get a an incentive or what what are your thoughts Greg on using it to incentivize employees sales team stuff like that to actually create some goodwill within within your organization and using it as incentives to



use it you can definitely use it with your team there’s just a limitation on like once per team member you know, per year that kind of that kind of thing. But um certainly they hit their goals then having that as a like as a bonus and the incentive it’s another really like another way of growing or like the that employee of the month you know who wins this, you know, prize or incentive. I remember winning one like app back when I was a had a had a day job and got a trip to Queensland and that was like one of the highlights of my year back in the day you know sort of thing. So I think sometimes we downplay, but really like when, when we’re selling, we’re selling like based off emotion. And people can get a really like a great amount of joy out of this. That’s what I love about, you know, that’s what I love about this industry. Because if we think back to marketing point of view, you know, ordinary marketers sell off the features, you know, and then better markets sell better marketers sell off the benefits, and then awesome marketers sell off the emotions of how they’re going to feel and what they’re going to be able to get out of it. You know, that kind of what they’re going to experience. So the more we can create an experience around this, the better.



That’s a great point. I mean, I think you can’t underestimate the most the valuation of a business essentially comes from the goodwill that exists within the business, right? And there’s nothing is going to create more goodwill with a with a customer or a client than a genuine, a genuine experience that gives them something that they want, who doesn’t? Who doesn’t want a vacation, right? So we’re I’m always as a market, I’m always thinking, How can I create more goodwill amongst my audience? How can I create more goodwill against my, with my client base with my, with my staff, all that kind of stuff? And I think that’s just a awesome way to do, which is why I asked you on today. What what other projects are you working on right now, Greg, that, uh, that is similar to this?



Yeah. So I, I sell on Amazon at reasonable scale. So like, really, last year before COVID? Yeah, we got invited to, like Amazon invited their top 300 sellers over to their head office and ran something just for like all the big players. And I was lucky enough to go to that. So we’ve been pretty successful in Econ, and Amazon, selling all sorts of physical products. And then unsold calm is a large travel company where we do the same model, but we do it directly to retail. So we get access to unsold hotel rooms, and then sell them directly to the public, you know, 5060 70% off. And that one is really a rocket ship, it’s just growing. And this has been some really key lessons on that, for me, like, which is been about leverage. So in the past, like a lot of the stuff I’ve done has been smaller businesses. And then now, like, when I think about business opportunities, I try and think about global rather than local, or even yen. So whenever you can get leverage that way is great. Another leverage point is actually currency. So earning stronger currencies wherever possible, so like trying to earn more US dollars and less Australian dollars for me, because it’s a stronger currency, you know, that kind of thing. This has been a lot of lessons that have come out of that, um, also another thing, and co You and I were talking about this as well, before, just before we got on the call, which was um, when you’re building a business, or you’re just building it to run it, or you’re building, you know, like something that could have value, whether you sell it or not, is neither here nor there. But yeah, so just building a business that also has, has value. And so because in the past, I’ve built businesses that have often been around my name, you know, very Kassar as a brand. But I don’t really do that as much. And I don’t necessarily promote my own personal brand, as much as I have in the past. Because I’m working on bigger things that have you more value in the marketplace, to other industries, like other players in the industry, that kind of thing. So it’s been fun.



Very nice. So you have a if people want examples of this, how they can use incentivize marketing, you got a Facebook group, right?



Yeah. So on marketing boost, definitely. There’s a Facebook group. There’s also like, on marketing. is case studies there. So watch what other people are doing. So we invited some about, like 12, or 15 of our biggest people on the platform. And we we flew them all into Mexico and had a couple of days icon on a big power cruiser and that kind of stuff. And we ran a mastermind for them. And those people all explained on the marketing boost site, how they, how they using it and what they’re doing successfully. And it was interesting, like 12 or 15 different people, they’re all doing it slightly different. So that’s where it’s like, there’s no one a hard and fast way all marketing’s testing measure. And there’s just really figuring out what works, you know, right for your industry. And then also what, what are the constraints and borders within your industry. So like, for example, certain things like insurance and stuff, you’ve got to play with it a different set of rules, then then other industries. So you just really got to know, what are the local guidelines for your industry. And when people ask me that I’m like, I really don’t know because you better off to seek legal advice in your industry, if you’re in any doubt. certain areas like medical, and insurance and stuff like that, but most industries, it’s just fine. You can offer it as a bonus.



Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I’ve been a member of marketing boost. I mean, just so everybody knows Greg didn’t ask If you could come on today, I reached out to Greg and asked him if he could come on because I just think this is a great way to grow a business. And there are just a ton a ton a ton of resources available on, on marketing boost and on how to actually grow your business, I was actually blown away, it was one of the things about how much training you actually provide on that website, as to how to do this, how to implement it, templates, all that kind of stuff. So really, I highly suggest checking out marketing, boost calm. And any final thoughts, Greg,



um, you know, like, as far as the business owner journey, I think mindset really is the most important part. You know, as business owners, sometimes we’re like, high fiving each other, you know, we’re flying. And then at other times, it’s really, really hard. And it’s just building that resilience. The most successful business owners that I’ve met over time, have been sort of more Teflon where they’ve just let things slide off them, you know, not let not let it get them down. You know, sometimes, like, at the moment, it might be a harsh business environment for many businesses. So just being able to control your emotions, just always been able to pick yourself up and keep going. And then investing in, like your knowledge and your mindset of your most important aspect in business, the amount of business owners I’ve met over time, especially my dad’s generation, where they just ran a business, but at no stage did they stop and plug themselves into things like, you know, like this podcast, or, you know, reading books, and all that kind of stuff. So your mindset and your education, I think, are your most important assets in business. So really, like focus on those areas, and, and there’s sometimes a little bit of delay, but everything else follows. And from what i’ve from my experiences you, you know, you really can have it all, if you’re willing to invest in those areas. And, you know, think about think about leverage and provide massive value for your customer base.



Yeah, that’s great. What book you’re reading right now, Greg?



Well, multiple something’s



behind it.






Anti Aging is like one of those. So like, from an health and fitness I’m learning you know, like about that stuff. And then, from a business point of view, it’s the Pixar story about Pixar, which is create creativity Inc, or something like that. I can’t remember exactly what it’s called. But yeah, it’s, like the Pixar origin story.



Know yourself. I’m reading high performance habits, and the secret of the Millionaire’s mind, or the ah, I always ask people what book it’s interesting. I speak to a client, and I’ll be doing a zoom call like this. And I say what book is in front of you right now on your desk tells me everything I need to know about what that person is in their mind.



That’s true.



Yeah, anti aging and creativity.



Yeah. As long as you’re reading something, right, as long as you’re either you’re either growing or you’re dying. So if you’re reading, you’re reading, you’re growing, so it doesn’t matter what



have you done. Or if you’ve done much with Audible, I’ve also started plugging in. So when I’m in the car, I’m doing podcasts and inaudible so trying to turn down books that way, as well, as you know, I read books in home and office too. So



yeah, so I love I love podcasts. I mean, I’m consuming podcasts like you wouldn’t wouldn’t believe right now. It’s just the easiest way to audible is great. But sometimes if it’s a six or seven hour book, too slow. Yeah, yeah, podcasts are bite size. If I go for a walk for 45 minutes, or if I go for a drive like that, it allows me to consume the the entire episode and close the loop. Yes. So podcasts, I’m finding a really great way to consume information for me hence, hence starting this podcast.



Yeah, no, providing massive value. That’s awesome.



Thank you. Where can people find you? We’ve mentioned a few websites, if people want to get ahold of you, Greg, if they want to connect with you, how do they do that?



I’m Greg, ca ws That’s probably the best spot and that shows, like all the different things that we’re doing. And one thing we didn’t talk about was just like, really, you’ll see on that site, making a difference in the world. So initially, business is about survival, and then you sort of start to thrive. And then I’ve kind of come out the other side now and we do a whole bunch of different things like, you know, feeding kids and planting trees and all that kind of stuff. So I think there’s a lot to be said for karma and doing good in the world. Um, so you can see some examples there as well. And that’s



a part of our mission here is to make more so you can give more.



Yeah, that’s a great way of saying love that



get it get get get invested in something bigger than yourself. For sure.



Nice. That’s really good. I got a couple good nuggets out of this. Thank you.



Well, thank you so much for your for your generosity and your time today. Greg, give us a like, give us a thumbs up please leave a rating on iTunes. It really does help with the algorithm to get the word out there. And until next time, everybody. Take care.



Everyone, have a good day. Thank you.

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