How you can create a mini-course to grow your business and create raving fans

How you can create a mini-course to grow your business and create raving fans

Author & Course Creation Coach, Kenny Barnwell…Founder of The Creators Circle. After spending 17 years traveling the world with top music artists, feeling burnt-out from the work, Kenny started focusing on helping others by creating online training courses to help others gain success in their music business careers. From there he launched The Creators Circle, a program dedicated to helping burnt-out industry experts and business owners repurpose their knowledge and reignite their passion by creating Online Training Courses. He’s an expert in Mapping out the student pathway and creating programs that get huge results. Kenny is a child of deaf parents, proud husband, and loves 90s country music. His life’s mission is to Create More. Contribute More.



Hey what’s up guys, Kenny Barnwell here and I’m on the small business marketing Made Easy Podcast. I am so dang excited to share with you guys how you can blow up your business and create raving fans creating online mini courses.



It’s time for small business marketing Made Easy podcast the fastest growing podcast for the business community with your host, acclaimed marketing trainer, international speaker and author of the best selling books got attitude and the 90 day marketing plan. Cody Butler



Hey, Cody Butler here with another episode of small business marketing Made Easy today I’ve got Kenny Barnwell. Now people say that content is king. I kind of sort of agree with that. But actually I say content is cached and some of the best content you can create your business’s educational content that moves your prospect closer to the outcome that they’re looking for. And my man Kenny bawa is here today to talk to us about how we can create educational course based content to grow your small business. Welcome, Kenny. How’s it going?



Hey, it’s going well, man, thanks for having me. By the way, I really appreciate it. I’m uh, you’re right, man, creating educational content to move the prospect towards that end result is exactly what we’re talking about with creating courses here. So I’m excited to talk about it.



So I’m a course creator myself, I’ve built multiple seven figure businesses off the back, of course, creation and content. And I love it just because it’s such a great way to show people what you can do to get them a result in a really leverage scalable way. So start out by telling us just a little bit not too much about your background, how you got started, and how you ended up where you are today.



Yeah, you know, course creation, for me wasn’t something that it was just like, you know, I was trying to figure out how to create digital products to make money online. That kind of, for me was an end result from it. But basically, I had worked in the music business, traveling the world with taught music artists, setting up concerts doing event production. And I got to a point where I was burnt out with it. And I was going to rehearsals, I was actually calling it work at the time. But literally I had the probably the best gig in all of the industry. And I was hating it. And so what ended up happening was, I was trying to figure out what I can do, to kind of reignite that passion again. And I found the Click Funnels community, and Russell Brunson and creating courses and I was like, Man, you know, I just written a book, a career development book about, you know, how to get involved in the career that I was, at the time starting to really not love getting burned out in now realize, like, man, I can actually complement the book with a course to help people answer all those questions that I was constantly getting, about how to, you know, get on tour with bands, touring with all the top artists. And so that’s when I that was back in 2016. So that’s when I started to create courses and learn about digital marketing, and all of that. So,



yeah, awesome. So let’s just cut to let’s just cut to the chase. So it’s like, half creating a cost gonna make me money in my business, Kenny.



Yeah, man. Well, I mean, look, the reality is, is you said it best when we first started this podcast, where you’re trying to take your customer through a warming process, right, you know, taking people from maybe just learning about your business, all the way up to purchasing whatever your product or services are in, in a course can do just that, like obviously, of course, can stand alone as a individual product, depending on what your business is. But today, I kind of wanted to kind of give your audience a little bit more tactical stuff, and specifically talk about mini courses. Sometimes they’re called challenges, or sometimes they’re just called mini courses. So that’s kind of what I wanted to talk about today, if that’s cool with you.



Yes, hundred percent. So what we’re talking about here is like a seven day challenge is going to move, it just gives you like, it’s like the when you go in when you go into the grocery store, and then stood there with a cheese platter. And you get to taste just a little bit of the cheese and stuff like that. Right? It’s like, it’s just Yeah. Is that is that what we’re talking about? Like a seven, like, seven day challenge? Hey, seven days to get you close to your outcome?



Yeah, exactly. And as far as seven days, or 14 days or 21 days, like I just want to kind of just bring that back a bit because people ask a question all the time. Well, how long should my mini course be? And the reality is, it just depends on who your customer avatar is. I mean, when you’re creating any sort of online training program, it matters 1,000% who you’re actually trying to get to from here to here, right? Um, for instance, for instance, I just created a course with a professional basket. football coach and us and his expertise is basketball. And he was trying to create a program teaching fundamentals of basketball. Well, he coaches people that go from Semi Pro to Pro, but he was trying to teach kids, right. It’s just a different vernacular in his business. Ultimately, he was trying to teach them a mini course, to take them through a process so they can ultimately sign up for his coaching. Right, which would be the next logical step. But he had to deliver the the information and the expertise in a specific way to a kid versus his normal clients, which are semi pros, right? And so it matters so much with your business, who you’re trying to get to, to transform so to speak, right? So um, I don’t know what in your business Cody, maybe we can we can use the examples specifically. So I can kind of talk more specifically what what is some of your your clientele business and



obviously like, to take this down to ground zero. So we talked about avatar who’s gonna work best for so I would say like, it’s got to work for anyone that education is part of the buying process, right? So like, let’s say, dental dentist, right? dental implants are really popular, like people, like marketing agencies like to sell that kind of stuff. So there’s an education process that goes that goes on in that right or like marketing agencies is going to be a really good example. So you know, a seven day challenge to get more leads into your business or a 30 day challenge to lose five pounds or anything like that anywhere where an education process could take place, this is probably going to work was it so talk talk very quickly candidate who this would work for and then who this wouldn’t work for. So if it doesn’t work for you, you can just save yourself some time right now.



Well, look, man, I really to be honest with you, I really think a mini course as a lead generation magnet, by the way, we’re talking about a lead magnet, we’re talking about being able to give someone this mini course in exchange for for their contact information. So you can cultivate that relationship. But look, if even if it’s like a local hardware store, you know, if they had a mini course that they offered to teach somebody how to install that toilet, right how to, you know, it could literally be for most all businesses, because there is an educational element in for the most part, almost all businesses so it just think about your customer in such a way where it’s customer focused, the biggest problem that I see with people creating courses is too big all knowledge dump, you know, it’s kind of like, Oh, look at me, look how much I know. And it’s just like this, you know, dump of knowledge of their expertise. And there’s no real, real clear pathway. So I’ll just do an example. You brought up, for instance? The the dentist, okay. Now, if you’re a dentist, and or maybe you’re a social media marketer, for dentist, what would be something that a ideal client would would need to ultimately know? And where would they need to hit? Okay. In this case, instance, we’re literally talking about the end goal, because the way I like to map out programs, is I always like to think about, well, where is my ideal customer headed? Ultimately, you know, and so, with a dentist, you know, you might think, Okay, well, maybe just like teeth care, right? Like, ultimately, you want that really nice teeth, okay. And I’m just making stuff up here as we go. But here, I’ve got a whiteboard next to me, for those of you that are just listening to this, I’m literally drawing a timeline. Okay. And this is what you’re going to want to do with your programs map out a timeline, okay? It’s just a straight line with a starting point and an ending point, okay? And, and in this case, insurance, we’re talking about somebody having really great tea, okay, somebody that can like get to the point to where they want to sign up for maybe like a regular whitening session, right? Or they want to sign up for that next level, kind of like six month, regular cleanings or something like that. So that’s where we’re headed with this person. Here’s our here’s our little person. I just drew a little stick figure on there. And when you’re talking about a mini course, after you really know where you’re headed with your who the very next thing that you’re going to want to know is well how long do you want them to take to get there? Okay, and that’s where this whole time frame comes in three days. I day, seven days, you know, how long do you Need Your or how long would it take rather, for your ideal customer to completely understand and have that complete complete knowledge and transformation of getting to the point to where in this case, they are excited about signing up for regular cleanings, which I’m not sure who’s gonna be excited about signing up for regular cleanings. But in this case, instance, you can absolutely help somebody get there. So if that’s the case, we’re going to start with a our timeline here, we’re going to start with, and thanks for letting me demonstrate this Cody. What we’re gonna, what we’re gonna start with here is somebody that like, obviously, is probably to a point to where they know they need a cleaning, they maybe maybe they need braces, they know that their teeth are getting yellow, bright, like, that’s the ideal person, you know. And so maybe we’ve decided, well, we want to let them know, in five days, all that they need to know to get them to a point to where not only are they are they a better understanding about their team, but they actually want, right, they actually want to take the next logical step, which is to book that service. Does that make sense? Absolutely. Um, yeah. So if you’re watching this, or if you’re listening to this, and you’ve drawn your timeline, you’ve already established a how many days it’s going to be five days, right? So I would on my timeline, I would literally Mark five day period. So day one, k 234. And then the fifth day is when they would actually have that transformation.



And then you always want to ask yourself, you know, what is the very first thing? And this is an important question, actually, when you’re creating programs, what is the very first thing that this prospect that we’ve narrowed down? What is the very first thing that they need to understand not necessarily what they need to do? But what do they need to understand when it comes to the first day, like after day one? Because it’s a five day mini course, after day one? Where would you love the prospect to be in their understanding of where you’re taking them? Does that make sense? God,



it certainly does. And when you get this concept, like, you start to see it everywhere, right? So I’ll go to the grocery store, and they’ll have like a magazine on a free magazine that’s got, you know, learn how to cook recipes and stuff like that, that’s kind of a mini course, right? I go to the hardware store, like it’s called bindings here in Australia with the equivalent of Lowe’s. And as you point out, they’ve got a little corner where they’ve got how to lessons and all that kind of stuff, when you start to see this stuff. Education is king, man, if you if you educate your prospect, if you make them, if you get them closer to where they want to be, you are going to be the natural choice. And also with the great thing that I started to realize, with the magazines and stuff in the grocery stores, is that creating a need for products? Right? When if they give you a recipe that’s got seven ingredients in it, and you like you like the look of the end result? Those, they’re gonna sell you seven ingredients that you may not even have even looked at before, right?



Yeah, you’re absolutely correct. And the interesting thing is, too is you know, even if it’s not a program for lead generation, if we’re talking about like the hardware store, you know, being able to set up a toilet with a step by step mini course. Or if it’s the dentist where you’re actually lead generation, you can use this to complement that service or that product, as well. So it doesn’t necessarily just have to be for lead generation, it can definitely be something to complement the sale, where it’s like, oh, I see that you’re buying that, that that toilet, right? Well, here, instead of just searching YouTube, here, here’s a little link, you can just go right here. And here’s a step by step. It’s not it’s better than just the instructions in the box.



Absolutely. And look, one of the biggest challenges that I see with small businesses or any business really is it’s not creating interest or product awareness, it’s adoption of the product. So for example, if you had a leather couch cleaning product, a lot of people might want that leather couch cleaned, but they they got to adopt that product, right? They’ve got to know how to use it and they’ve got to know how to use it properly properly. So even there you could create a little mini course on how to create how to clean a leather couch which creates an adoption of your leather couch cleaning product is fnsa Kenny,



man that’s actually a great great point too, because even something as simple as like cleaning a leather couch, you know, there’s so much that you could you could help them close that understanding gap before buying that process or before buying that product. Because you know, think about that cleaning leather. You know what leather is and what it does. And how it reacts to the products and all of these things can be taught to them, you know, before even purchasing something as simple as cleaning, you know, leather cleaning product, but in the case with the, with the dentist, if I may, um, here’s how I would would continue to lay out your program. So after you already know who you’re trying to help, and you know where they’re going, and you’ve laid out your timeline, and we’ve decided that it’s five days, you know, we’ve asked ourselves that first question after day at the end of day one, during this mini course, what Where does my prospect need to be in level of understanding or action in this case? Do they need to be to be to be ready to take on that next lesson? And so like for the dentist, for instance, it might be one video lesson about, you know, teeth anatomy, for instance, right? It might be teeth anatomy, and they understand like, you know, where the adult teeth are, and why it’s so important to to kind of be clean up there, so to speak, right? I don’t know, I’m just making this up, you know, and then the next thing that you would say is Okay, great, after my prospect, and literally do this, like literally double back your question. So ask yourself that same question. Okay. After day one, my prospect, they now know, teeth anatomy and the importance of why the anatomy of the teeth are well, the way they are, what would be the next thing that they need to know. Right? What’s the logical next step? Well, now they need to know what could go wrong with your teeth. Right? And so that might be another video lesson. And then you ask that same question. Okay. At the end of day two, they already know the anatomy, they know what could go wrong with it? What do they need to know, after day three? Well, they need to know what types of solutions are that they can purchase in the supermarket? to help them help themselves. Right. So maybe that’s another video lesson. And here’s the let me stop right there, you would actually continue that process, you would actually ask yourself, okay, great. After the end of third day, they know this after the fourth day, and so on. But a lot of people ask me this question. So I’m creating video lessons. Do they need anything else? Like? Do they need any PDF resources? Do they need links, things like that? And the answer is, possibly? The answer is, do they you have that you’ve kind of asked that question yourself, can you? Can you lay it all out in a video lesson? Or do you need to create a PDF that actually shows the anatomy so they can kind of get it doesn’t complement each other to many, many courses. And too many courses in general, are full of a lot of unnecessary fluff. And so it’s really important for you, again, it goes back to that knowledge dump thing, that your course is not about you and how much you you know, in your business, your course is about helping your potential customer, your prospect get two things, external transformation, which in this case, a clean mouth, preparing them for for regular cleanings or and an internal transformation, having that competence and that understanding in their, in their themselves where they go, yeah, I need to take the next step. I need to actually sign up with them and get this done. Right. You see what I’m saying?



I do. Yeah, I looked at you know, I’m making some notes here, man, this is this is good stuff. And I think what what I’m seeing and it’s coming to my mind, as you’re talking is like to create this course, it’s almost you have to go through a discovery session of the wants, needs and desires of your target market. Right? You’ve actually got to, you’ve got to, you’ve got to have a deeper understanding of what your target market wants, which which can only be a very good thing in my mind. Very good.



Yeah, right.



So we’ve got, we’ve got to say, let’s say, okay, we’re sold on the idea that we need to create a course we’ve got a couple of elephants, we got to address in the room now. So it’s like, how, what is this technical? Is it what’s the technical delivery here? What’s the cost involved in this? What’s my time commitment involved in this? So a lot of business owners are going to want to do it, but they’re not going to want to learn a massive amount of new skills. Right? So what what are your thoughts on that? Kenny?



Well, my thoughts are, there’s a variety of way to to store your videos and host your videos online. You can obviously do it yourself. You could you can upload videos to places like Wistia or Vimeo or even unlisted videos on YouTube. You can use tools like I’m a Click Funnels for life. I love Click Funnels, that’s my tool of choice for all my clients and students. But you can use any of the tools that you’ve seen that’s available things like kajabi, teachable, any of these things would could make sense. Or you can simply have your because you probably have a website, you could say Have your website developer create a page on your WordPress site or whatever that has the different videos accordingly. But however, if you’re trying to do this as a lead magnet, you’re going to want to be able to put a landing page in front of all of these, this, this courses. So I really recommend doing so whether you’re using a WordPress site, make sure you have a landing page that that actually gets the emails. And then if it is WordPress, for instance, put your videos from page to page to page and then as well as an email automation. Again, I’m really preferable to Click Funnels Click Funnels literally has some just templates that you can drag over and get set up really simply, if you’re a marketer, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re a business owner, I really recommend because this is such a valuable asset, and could really help you create raving fans in your business, I really recommend connecting with a local marketer, or connecting with a local developer to help you put this funnel together. So those would be the two options. Do it yourself simply if it is simple for you, or have someone come in and help you do it, but once you do, we’re talking about leads on autopilot. We’re talking about transformation, remembering the two transformations internal and external, on autopilot, and then raving fans that are going to push you into having customers that will never, ever forget where they learned that that that skill from or where they learn that new new concept from so.



So here’s the thing, right? anybody listening to this? Yes, there’s some technical difficulty involved here. Yes, there’s some challenges involved here. But here’s the thing, if you want to be that if you want to get paid the best, you have to be the best. If you want to get paid more than everybody else, you have to be prepared to do more than everybody else. So yes, you’ve got you’ve got two options, right? I mean, Ken is giving you some great resources here to go and research this stuff for themselves. But I’m a big believer in shortcutting stuff and leveraging other people’s knowledge, other people’s experience. If somebody wants to leverage your experience, Kenny or if they want, if they want to shortcut the process, if they can say they’ve seen this, we’ve given them a high level view and they go Yeah, I can see of course, there’s going to be a great way to create those raving fans in my business to create more leads on autopilot into my business to create a great seamless upsell process into high ticket products in my business, and they wanted to get some help with that. How do they get in touch with you? Is that something you offer? Or how would they get in touch with you Kenny?



Yeah, we actually have a program we have a coaching program where if it was something that you felt like you wanted to learn the mechanics of it yourself and get some help doing it yourself. Or you want it a done for you option which we offer both where we can completely do it for you. You can jump on a call with me to see if it’s even a right fit. You can find me at go creators circle comm it is geo creators circle comm go creator circle comm you’ll find me just book a call with me or my team. And we can see if it makes sense to work with you. But I definitely encourage you guys to to really consider a mini course as a very viable lead generation option. I mean, there is no better way to to bring people into your world and into your your service and your products than cultivating them through education.



That’s right, I look you know, I always say it has served me very well as I always say every one of these podcasts, I’m very privileged to speak with very successful entrepreneurs. And their common thread is Tony Robbins says success leaves clues and you got to educate, you got to motivate and you’ve got to inspire the people that that you’re asking to work with you that come into a universe to become your clients. You’ve got educate, motivate and inspire. And I’m a course creator myself, as I said, and it’s just a great way to do that there’s no better way for somebody to spend some time with you in a very leveraged way and for you to educate them to inspire them or for them to demotivate them to be better than they are to do more than they already have in their lives. A mini course is a great way to do that. So I really appreciate you coming on today Kenny to talk to about talk to us about that. I was asked question if you could leave one piece of advice that people would actually listen to what would that one piece of advice be? You know, you



have a mission and a duty as somebody that knows more than someone else to share with people. I mean, my mantra is create more abundance in all areas of your life so you can contribute more to the things that matter most. And I really feel like our expertise as experts is something that everyone needs. And so I would just encourage you to really consider creating a program so you can give back to the people that really need it. There’s somebody about to start doing what you what you’ve already been doing for a long time and they could really use your guidance. Awesome. Thank



you so much, Kenny. Appreciate that please make sure that you like the podcast, leave a comment, give five star review, or helps us to get the word out there and spread this message to more entrepreneurs who need help growing their business. Thank you so much for coming on,






God bless you and we’ll talk to you very soon.