From Ebay To 8 Figure Business Owner With Johann Nogueira

From Ebay To 8 Figure Business Owner With Johann Nogueira

Johann Nogueira From Ebay To 8 Figure Business Owner

Johann has spent his entire career solving problems and fixing businesses. He discovered the power of systemization and leverage in his early 20’s, where he built his first eCommerce business. This knowledge allowed him to grow not only his business but his clients as well.

One of his latest businesses has reached a valuation of 8 figures in 2.5 years.

Johann has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 1,000 clients in more than 40 industries worldwide. He does this with a focus on technology and utilizing the systems he has built over the last two decades.

Johann has an uncanny ability to increase business profit, wealth, and success. He uncovers hidden advantages, overlooked opportunities, and undervalued possibilities. This skill set has captured the attention and respect of CEOs, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts.

Johann’s clients range from top tier banks to private business owners. But they all have one thing in common – all of them have profited significantly from Johann’s expertise. Many clients acknowledge that Johann’s efforts and ideas have led to millions of dollars of profit increase and that he is their secret weapon in their war chest.

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It’s time for small business marketing Made Easy podcast,


the fastest growing podcast for the business community with your host, acclaimed marketing trainer, international speaker and author of the best selling books got attitude and the 90 day marketing plan. Cody Butler.


Hey, welcome to small business marketing made easy. I’m Cody Butler. And today I’ve got an awesome guest. I was just having a conversation with him. But before we started recording here, and I think he’s got some stuff that you’re really gonna want to hear if you’re a business owner, and you’re looking to grow your business. I can’t wait. We just had a quick conversation. I’m really interested to explore what we were talking about. So


welcome, Joe Han. Yo, Johan. How do you how do you say your name? I don’t want to butcher How do you say?


Johan de guerre? No, Johan megaera. So welcome to the show. So you just told me your story, man, awesome story. I wish I was recording that. But tell us tell us a little bit about where you come from what you do and why we have to listen to you. Yeah.


You don’t have to listen to anything. But


if you like money, then you’ll listen to what I have to say. I like that. I like that if you if you like mine, and you listen to what I have to say I’m writing that down.


I go and go


to 2000. Let’s let’s start off at 2004. I was doing my PhD at University of Melbourne in secondary biofuels and climate change. So absolutely nothing to do with what I do right now.


Over there I was I was in Horsham, for those of you who don’t know where Horsham is it’s about four hours west of Melbourne. And it’s a small little country town. 11th hour might be up to 14,000 people now. And I had nothing to do in the evenings. And then I said, you know, one day I went to this conference and we want to vote. And I said oh my god, I can’t wait to have my own boat. And one of the guys who was organizing he goes, mate, you’re never gonna have a boat on a scientist salary. No. And oh, my God, that’s, that’s no good. So anyway, my mind was spinning out. And then I had a conversation with my simple as my boss at the time. And I said, How much money do you make this guy travels, the world writes books, you know, he’s the epitome of what a great scientist is. He said, $80,000 Oh, my God.


I just left a job, you know, working retail, like 60 grand a year. And you’re telling me, you know, 20 years or 10 years later, I’m going to be making 80 grand the maps didn’t make sense. So I jumped on to you know, back then what we used to do was jumped onto Google and typed in, make money online. And I did that. I think it was not it. Exactly. Went down this rabbit hole. And then before I knew it, I was on eBay. And then I bought this piece of software. I remember this survey software, and I was filling out surveys and I’d be making my little bank account would go up by like 50 cents $1. And then I realized I was making about $3 an hour. I email the guy and I said Hey, dude, can I resell your software? He said hell yeah, go for it. So nice. I resold the software for $20 every morning I’d wake up and and have made between 10 to 20 sales a day, overnight.


And 2004 we’re talking about so all I was doing is sending a zip file to these people and I got to pocket 20 bucks, right? That was $400 that I was making before waking up and back then my pay was literally $400 so I was like holy shit this is amazing. So leveraging systems that’s what I learned. Now before I knew it. I got got into affiliate marketing. So we got to you know most people know about Clickbank got into Clickbank and so killing it learned, learned from a lot of great people how to do affiliate marketing, and essentially became a lead generation specialist. So from Clickbank basically you’re selling all these other people’s products, and then you’re making 50% of the sales. So that happened. And then about two years later, CPA evolved, which was fantastic. Now most of us, you know, got into CPA CPA is cost per acquisition. So Clickbank, I had to make a sale, in order to get paid, CPA, I had to just generate a lead and I was getting paid, like literally somebody just had to fill out their name and then not get paid. So it’s pretty cool. So CPA, CPA, all I had to do is generate a lead now. So when we started going to the banks and the banks were on the CPA networks. And so for those of you guys who don’t know what CPA, how CPA works, it’s there’s people like me, an army of affiliates take it. And then there’s a window. So let’s call it the Commonwealth Bank, for example. And then a CPA network, the Commonwealth Bank, this is an example this is not real. commercial bank says to the CPA network, Hey guys, we want you to generate leads for our new credit card, and we’ll pay you $300 per lead that fills out the entire form. And then the CPA network contacts people like us and says, Hey, for every lead that you get filled up, we’ll pay you $200 now, all I did was take those marketing material which was already


went to Google and own the keywords Commonwealth Bank credit card application will cost me about $6 a click on there, if 10 people clicked and one person filled it up, I would get paid $200. So I was turning $60 because 10 people clicked $6, I was sending $60 and $200. And now there was 1800 searches just for that one keyword string. And you can imagine how many different combinations that were. So that’s CPA. Now, that’s just a little bit of history around how online marketing works. Then I get to this event, I meet this guy, and he goes, Hey, Johan, I’ve got no one coming to my event. Can you please help me out here so so the show set up a little LinkedIn campaign, because he was targeting business owners who wanted to grow their businesses, and LinkedIn was the was the best platform for that. So I set up an ad for him. And you know, within a week, we filled his event with 80, CEOs and directors, he’s like, holy shit, you know, I was I was just expecting any people. But How the hell did you get CEOs and directors, they let you guys in on the secret. I went to LinkedIn, and I targeted people who had the title, CEOs and directors. So therefore only they could see my ad, therefore only they could register. And it was a very small budget. And you know, and we filled that room. So with that, and then the guy made a lot of money, obviously, he had a captive audience of 80, CEOs and directors. But from that, he said, What else can I give you your hand other than the money, I said, Please give me 15 minutes to talk. So I get up on stage. And I’m talking to the CEOs and directors about how online marketing works. Now this is we’re talking 2008. So it was still brand new there. And so all these guys came up to me and said, Johan, can you do a marketing for us?


Yeah, sure. Why not? You know, Richard Branson, say yes. And then figure it out. Later.


said yes. And then I also met this guy there who was you know, he was about 60 years old. And he said, Johan, I’ve been in the business, been in business for 40 years. I know how to run a business. And I see that you have knowledge, but you don’t know how to run a business. You’re very young. Let me teach you. Okay. Sure. Anyway, so on a Monday, he rocks up to my house with his own desk with his own computer and goes, where do you want me? I’m like, Are you serious? Like, really? He’s like, yeah, so anyway, so we sit down, and then together, we start building this agency. And you know, I remember getting our first client, second client, third client, 15th. client, man, it was absolutely insane. Because now I was managing the clients. I was managing the staff, I was managing the outsourcers, I was managing the project managers. I, I don’t think I’d ever slept. In that during my growth phase. It was insane. Anyway, now we’re up to 100 employees, right.


And, yeah, we’ve got a massive team all over the world. And our company runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now, I used to think that was cool, until I realized that I was on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


But anyway, five years ago, I hired a general manager who and we systemize the entire business so no longer relies on me, which then allowed me to follow some other passions. Now,


I was living in this building in, in Melbourne. And when I moved in, they said it was the best building in Melbourne. Like mega This is the best the most technologically advanced building as it’s fantastic. And then I started getting a piece of paper on my door every day, the piece of paper would say, windows are getting clean. And then at nighttime, another one saying the carpets are getting clean, like what the hell. This is meant to be the best building and they’re putting paper pieces of paper onto my door. After about a month, I’ve got an interesting paper sitting on the table next to my door, I take it I go to the building manager. I’m like, Dude, what is this? Why, how much do I get charged for each of these sheets of paper? He said it’s $1 $1 per sheet twice a day, 500 apartments. So that’s $1,000 a day that they were wasting in just letting me know that what’s going on in the building? Like it’s a waste of resource. So I said to him, Dude, why don’t we build an app for the building? And he goes, I don’t know what that means. But you know, show me something and I’ll take it to the corporation. So we did that. And you know, this took six months, by the way. So six months later showed that showed them what we could build. And they said we love it. And we launched this new company, which is you know, we’ve built that. And now, you know, there’s a lot of learnings and a lot of stuff happened in there. But we took it to $20 million company in four years. And it’s it’s headed towards, it’s just going to it’s going to keep accelerating because we’re only in Melbourne right now we don’t even in any of the other five states later on the rest of the world. So that’s going to be exciting. Cool. So that’s, that’s what’s happening there. And then business authority. So during this ride, we’re enjoying this beautiful ride of success.


Two of my friends unfortunately committed suicide and that really messed with my head because as we know one conversation


can literally change, change the trajectory of anybody’s life one real good conversation. And I was sad that I wasn’t there for them. And then I realized that, you know, my entire community, how many people how many business owners do feel like they’re feeling and we started talking to them. And I realized that 70% of them have suffered from depression, anxiety, loneliness, you know, they were, they felt trapped. They wanted to build this business of freedom and lifestyle, but they were sacrificing all of their time with their family, they weren’t going on holidays, they don’t even pay themselves half the guys, you know, and so I was like, holy shit, you know, sorry for swearing. But what can I do to help them? You know, there’s because business I, as I said, from the start of this thing, I’m a scientist in my you know, that’s how I’ve been trained. And so anything that I do needs to be replicatable. So how can I replicate how we easily enjoyed that ride, where we scaled the company so quickly. And so we created the business authorities formula, which is a formula that any business can follow in scale. And so we started teaching that to our community. And then the community kept growing, and growing and growing, and now up to, you know, 1200 people in our community, who are all learning from, you know, and it’s not about me being a celebrity or anything, it’s about me bringing in the most amazing people that we know, and saying, look, these are the guys who are at the coalface, they will show you how to automate your business, these guys will show you how to scale your business, these guys will show you how to do the PR, these guys will show you how to franchise and yeah, so


it’s a community of business owners teaching business owners, and it’s just, it’s just amazing. So that happened. And then last year, we built another digital agency, you know, have you ever had that thought of man, what if I could go back to school? Like year 12? If I could go back to year 12? I would kill it right now. Right? Because you


have a completely different brain? If, if we had to rebuild a digital agency from scratch, what would it look like? What would we do? And so when we did that, and that was October, I think 17th of October last year, and so a year to the day it was? Yeah, correct. And so my first company, the first digital agency, it had, it’s like going into a Chinese restaurant, you open the menu, there’s like 100 things on the menu. And you know, like which one and you know, there’s the it’s high volume, but it’s very low profit margins. So we decided that we were only going to work with the clients who we could add the most return on investment to. And just the four services that we love doing, like every day of the guys could wake up, this is what they would do. So we focused on business strategy, apps, platforms, and automation, those the four services of the entire company, as opposed to more than 100 of what the other company does. And just by doing that, our profits are really good stuff. And all everybody involved in the company, all the stakeholders are so happy because they get to do what they love every day. And the clients are happy because they’re getting a massive return on their investment. So that’s, that’s a little bit of the story, if you want to, you know, I’m happy to share about the business authorities formula and how we do all that. But you tell me how we go. Yeah, so I just want to say it like for anybody who’s listening to this, you’re not very old.


Your hand is not very old. I’m sitting here looking, I’m doing this interview via video right now. He’s not very old. So I guess that kind of dispels the myth that it takes a long time to achieve success, right?


Like, you know, you started out in 2004, boom, you were successful. You transition in 2008, you’re successful transition in 2009. successful. So it’s obviously age is not the factor, the time that the opportunity is not the factor because you’re replicating these, this success in multiple, multiple opportunity opportunities across different industries. So what is what is the what is the underlying lowest common denominator here? Yeah, and what what is it? What is it about you exactly is pointing to is Mike, if you’re listening to this, it’s mindset. So I kind of knew that I said that I wanted to hear from you. They say, What is it? What is it in your mind that that works differently to everybody else that gets you to success? It’s, yeah, correct. It’s your mindset. It’s, you know, that there’s six human needs, there’s variability I live, my wife is extremely, she needs a steady and she needs predictability. I’m the exact opposite. I need variability and I love you know, I love the challenge of every day and, you know, in some aspects of my life, not knowing what’s going to happen. And so I don’t, yeah, mindset, just I think there was a quote, which I read. So there’s a lot of foundational work that goes into your mind back in like from 2000 to 2010. It was Tony Robbins and literally getting the right mindset right knowing that no matter what happens, you will be okay. You know, a bird


On a branch is not scared that the branch will break off because it can rely on its own wings. Right? If the branch. Big deal. Yeah. And I think it was, you know, Bill Gates, who, who right now, you know, nobody likes him in the world. But Bill Gates said that this is many, many decades ago. And if you took his design, if you took him out of his environment and put him into any other city, he would remake his money back. And, you know, we, I was like, wow, how the hell do you do that? And so the thought process is the questions that you ask yourself, how would I do that? And same thing with Jay Abraham, Jay Abraham is a massive mentor of mine. You know, this is a guy who can walk into any business and find all the lube, not loopholes, find all the profit holes and fix them. And therefore, just by tweaking three things in a business, he can increase double, triple, quadruple the profits. I said, Well, I want to be like those guys. And so by understanding those foundational, you know, mindset tips, it allows you to literally go into any business and see or where are the leaking holes on? by plugging them you’re making more profits? And if I, if I said to anyone that’s listening right now, I will help you make an extra $200,000 in the next month. But in return, I would like 10% of that $20,000? Would anyone say no? The answer is no. Because you’re making them $80,000, which they wouldn’t have gotten access to. So it starts with mindset. And funnily enough, you mentioned, mindset is number one, that’s the first thing, that’s the first step of our business authorities formula. Because with this, the company that I that I spoke about before the we took to 20 million, the first step that we decided on was waiting to build this company to $100 million.




back then, when we first started now, when we first started was when the company first had its initial filings, you know, I was playing around with it around 2012, and 2015 is when it really solidified 2015 is when we said we want to build this into 100 million dollar company, every decision that we had to make changed, because any meeting that we had to have any software that we had to invest in any business decision that we made, it was always around, is this going to help us get to our annual and so


with what with the technology that we were installing into, you know, these real estate assets?


Excuse me, we had, there’s so many different types of real estate is townhouses, you know, aged care facilities, hospitals, councils, all of this stuff. So we had to decide which ones get the biggest ROI. So once you figure out the mindset and where you want to go, your vision, your mission, the next thing we had to do was figure out who we were going to serve. Who is that’s going to get the best ROI from our technology, our systems. So once we identified exactly who those people were,


all the branding, all the collateral that we created was targeted towards them. And then because I think it’s Dan Kennedy, who says, you know, you shouldn’t be afraid to offend the people who you don’t want to attract. Because I think that you’re now catering to the people who you do want to attract, right. And it’s not so much offending them. It’s they’re not interested if I say, hey, we’ll turn your your building into a green Smart City.


Other people who are not interested in that, I’m not going to be attracted to that tagline.


So I’m not interested.


As well as a logo is green, because every bill, every new building that’s going up had to be made some certain green standards, and then all the other ones. It’s a tagline of business. So it’s called Building interactive. And the tagline is creating smart cities, one building at a time. So just by that tagline for Well, the name of the company building interactive, anybody who’s building a building, they’re like, How the hell do I make my building interactive, and then the tagline creating smart cities, they go, I want to be part of the Smart Cities revolution, and one city at a time in one building at a time, sorry, so they want to be the one building that plugs into the Smart City revolution. Now, this is all around 2015 when all of the Smart City city revolution was happening.


So but just by that the people who we wanted to attract, they would come to us. We didn’t mean they would see our marketing collateral, and they’d be like, We’re interested, then we had to, you know, figure out our automation systems, how do we get them on boarded? How do we make sure that the closing process is good? How do we know we can maximize the sale? So our sales cycle, you know, these are pretty significant. investments in technology went from six months down to one month, and our deal size went from one deal into 15 deals per meeting, just by tweaking


A few little things inside the business. Now, again, you know, once you once you figure out these little levers in the business, going from one deal to 15 deals, the lifetime value of that client was massive for us. So therefore, we knew exactly how much energy and effort and money we could spend to acquire a client. Most people don’t know that number. Once we had all of those systems in place, it literally became like them ordering a pizza on the phone for us. Yeah, and, you know, they call up and say, hey, I want a mobile app. And I want this, this this in my building, and you know, all of these things. Once we did that, we systemize the entire business, so that it can be replicated anywhere, and so that I didn’t have to be working in the business. Because, you know, for a couple years, I had to be there building these systems. By the way, there is no such thing, there’s no shortcut to success, you have to do the work. And, you know, I’m talking 16 hour days, and I was, I was like those guys, I I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and when I get into something, I need to get it perfect, so that the next person who takes over, everything is clear. So we figured out exactly how to systemize the entire business, we productize the entire product, we then started doing a lot of PR and joint ventures. So we found who the top players are in our industry. And if you’re listening, you know, find out who those top players are in your industry. Once you find those guys that figure out how you can create an alliance with them. Instead of them thinking like, oh, guys, the people who we started talking to, they said, you guys are our competitors, we don’t want to talk to you. We said look, we will sign a document saying we are not going to compete against your product, we will work together with you, we will turn our sales team into your sales team and your sales team into our sales team. This is a joint venture. And I said yes. Now before we knew it, we had 200 people, you know, 200 sales agents, because we had five companies and all of their sales teams selling for us, and we would sell for them. So if anyone made a sale, we’d all make, you know, we’d all be in that. So by creating this great joint venture, we started to dominate the industry, then once we dominate the industry, we became the staple. So everybody would just call up and we got brand recognition. And so from there, now the company now we go around, we’re buying up other companies where because these other companies have the databases that we can sell into etc. So, yeah, so if you think through those 10 steps that I just talked about one mindset, to the right brand, who you’re going to serve, you can serve them three, the right brand, for making sure all your collateral is good. Number five systemize well automating the business number six, making sure your sales systems are good. Seven, scaling, so in order to scale you need to productize and system and systemize the entire business, eight, make sure you have your joint ventures and PR organized nine, you know, scaling, or Well, not scaling dominating the industry, figuring out who those players are. And then number 10 gonna build whatever Empire you want to build whatever that means to you.


That’s incredible. That’s


that’s the formula right there guys, coming from a man who’s done it several times, right? How many times you do that now? Three, four times six, right?


So I’m making notes here, man, I’m like, I’m making lots of notes. You probably notice I’m looking down here. I’m not being rude. I’m making some notes.


Because I’m making notes for my own business. So there’s a few things that jumped out of me that said,


we started out in 2004. I mean, he was a solopreneur at us in your bedroom. And you basically had no idea what I was doing. He was a one man band. He was a one man.


Yeah. And now now you have over how many? How many employees do you have in your employ?


Your organizations? Correct over 100 over 100. So you’ve gone from a one man band to over 100 employees. So that’s a big problem. I know that that I know that I face I know a lot of people listen to how do you go from being a solopreneur to being a business owner? And at what point is the right time to make that shift? For sure. So when I started I was when I started the digital agency, let’s say 10 years ago. So in 2004, it was eBay and it was good to be a solopreneur because all I had to do was just sell stuff online. And in the morning, just pack stuff and ship it off. And it was a pretty simple business. And then with the CPA and with affiliate marketing, again, you’re the person buying the media. How I would scale those businesses is I would have a team of media buys around me buying ads all day long, right? So that’s how we scale it. Now with the digital agency. We went from literally selling $500 websites which took us one month to build. I mean, you don’t even want to know the negative profitability


on doing $500 websites for a month. But you know, business acumen was there in terms of having staff having resources, the amount of app there was there was no payment. Like I literally never paid myself for the first couple years


and going from a car


completely autonomous business, which was the CPA one where everything was automated, to, hey, look, I built a real offline business, which took stuff and all this stress, as I said to you, the stress was incredible.


But I knew what I wanted to build, I knew I wanted to build an amazing team that could literally go in and revamp a business. And it started off with getting their website fixed up or getting their marketing done. Because then they would have more leads coming through and then they had cash flow, then they could reinvest that into doing, you know, doing whatever we needed them to do for their business. So you asked me the question, when is a good time to hire? The answer is hire as soon as you can. As soon as I could hire that first guy, I hired the first guy. And then as soon as the business was making more money to pay the second guy, I’ve got the second guy, then third guy, the fourth guy, and then one of the mistakes which I made was I was always hunting and hunting, well as hunting gathering, you know, you’d be on the hunt for two weeks getting all the projects. And then the other two weeks would be, we’d be delivering two weeks of hunting two weeks of delivering two weeks of hunting delivery. And then we learned about farming. Now funny, because I have a background in agriculture, you know, sowing the seeds.


Yeah, exactly sowing and reaping so much more fun and hunting and gathering. Because when you’re, you know, at any point in time, all we have to do is send out an email to our database. And we have 1015 2030 clients call up within a couple hours. And so that is the the beautiful thing about farming is when they mature and with social media these days. And with all the tools that we have, you can literally have all of this content going out to the right people Oh, fully automated, I don’t know what system do you use, we use Infusionsoft for automation. And, you know, it’s just once they’re in the Top of Mind campaign, they’re just getting drip fed every day of the week, they’re learning about new things that we can do. Which, you know, during COVID,


the company’s skyrocketed, because they’re getting all those educational campaigns, they’re learning what we’re doing. And they’re just too many clips, you know, once a week or twice a week, whichever campaign they’re in. And they’re learning more about what we’re doing. And then they call up going, Hey, I want to talk to you about this, how do I put in an automation campaign into my database? How do I do a reactivation campaign with my database? How do I do some targeted marketing? Not on Facebook, all those sorts of simple things? And, yeah, by having all the systems set up, you can just grow exponentially. And that’s why automation allows you to literally grow exponentially. That’s awesome, man. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. So the one thing that I’m saying, I’m hearing coming through here, over and over is like,


you very clearly knew your outcome every step of the way. Or if you didn’t know your outcome, you very things changed when you clarified that outcome.


For sure, so So knowing knowing what you want, really, I guess that’s part of the mindset, right, having a very clear idea of what you want, what you do, who you do it for, and actually, the outcome that that you’re looking for is going to be really, really, really, really key to success, right? For sure. And one of the things you mentioned before, you know, talking about the timelines around success, all of the people. So I’ll give you an example one of my business partners, he’s, I think he’s about 65.


So in the last company that he worked in, he took it too. He took it from negative a million dollars. In five years, they turned it into a $700 million company. And three years later, they turned it into a $1.2 billion company.


And I look at that, and I go, Wow, I can’t wait to be 65 or 55, and then be able to do that when I’m 65. Take a company from negative 1 million to 1.2 billion. And then I went, but in my mindset in my brain, I always thought I had to be older. I had to have all that experience in order to achieve that. And then one day I met this guy, and you know, this guy was limping across, I was sitting down at a cafe and having my coffee and this guy’s limping across. And I recognize the limp because I just had that lip. I told my ACL was playing tennis ripped apart my ACL. And I knew that he had ripped apart his ACL because he had the same length that I did. I said, Hey, what happened to ACL? And he goes, how did you know? I bet you are gonna find it and funnier story than you. And he sits down and he ends up talking to me. We’re not talking for two hours. And then turns out that this guy is 30 years old. At the age of 25. He was making 100 grand, you know, selling lose. And then now at the age of 30 is built a company that’s $2.5 billion. Wow. Holy shit. I got dude. And so we end up talking, we end up being business partners and all this stuff. But that timeline of Hey, I have to be 65 years old in order to achieve what I want to achieve. It went out the door like that.


That belief got shattered, because now I have proof that, hey, this other person who’s done it in five years, you know, from 100,000 to 2.5 billion, How the hell did you do that, and that’s another amazing story, which is his to share, not mine. But you know, just being able to witness that and see what’s happened. There’s just, it made it more real. So it is really all in here. Because when I started, you know, I had issues around charging $1,000 to sell a website. Now we sell websites for $50,000. And we have no problem because we don’t classify them as websites. And one of the things that, that we talk to our business owners about is what business are you really in? Now, Cody, you probably know this, this analogy, it’s, you know, headboard, actually, this, this comes from Henry Ford, Henry Ford, when he started off back in, I think, the late 1870s, or something like that, you know, when the cars were just coming out, he built the first 700 trucks. And he went to the railroad companies in the US and said, there’s only four at this point in time they had a monopoly on the railroad system. And he said, Will you buy my trucks, and they said, Get out of here we are in the rail business. Nobody’s gonna nobody cares about your trucks. Now, in this day and age 80% of shipping is done by trucks, and 20% by rail, if they had thought differently about their business if they thought we’re in the transportation game, as opposed to we’re in the rail business then on the rail bus.


Yeah, correct. Same outcome, but they could have bought him bought Henry Ford for pennies on the dollar. So when we were so again, this is the mind shift, mind shift thing, right? So I said, What do we do? Do we sell websites? No, we don’t sell websites, we build automated marketing machines, lead generation machines, which make you money while you sleep. Now, is that worth $50,000? Yes, because the marketing is all done for you, the automation is done for you, the the, you know, you look feel your brand, your representation, all the nurturing, everything is done, all you got to do is pick up the phone and take the order. Is that worth $50,000? Now, this is an example. But I’m just saying, you know, once you have that mind, shift around what you do and who you are in the business, you know, I was talking to a personal trainer. They’re not a personal trainer, they’re not there to just, they’re actually peak performance coaches. Because if that guy can help me get another 2030 50% out of my body out of my brain every day, how much is that worth to me? Am I happy to pay him $100 an hour as opposed to his $50? Now, hell yeah, I’ll pay him $200 now to get more efficiency, because that extra efficiency over the day is worth way more to me than he can charge. Make sense? Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. So a big part of it’s going to be the value is going to be very much


with who you’re presenting the offer to as much as the offer itself, right. So that’s a $500 million company, a $50,000 lead generation machine is a no brainer versus someone who’s starting out and then make their first dollar online yet. So I guess knowing knowing the value that you get the target audience that you bring the most amount of value to is really, really critical as well, right? Oh, for sure. And for those people who don’t, you know, who have don’t have that much money or who are just starting off. At the end of the day, you just need two things. One, which you just touched on Cody, and irresistible offer a product that backs up that offer because if you don’t have a ship product, we can’t help you. But creating that irresistible offer when you do it. Do you want to talk a bit about the irresistible offer? Okay. Do I want to I want to talk about my irresistible offer? Yeah. How do you create an irresistible offer? How do you make something so valuable that people would be foolish to tell me them? Yeah, so So for me, it’s like, Hey, you know, if I give you to vote, if you give me if, like, if you give me $1 and I’ll give you $2 back, you want to make that deal.


That’s kind of what I’m looking at. It’s like it’s got to be so so no brainer that an idiot would say no, it’s like, hey, look, you know, you if I make you $100 Will you give me 20? Yep. But you don’t have to, if we lose, if we win, we win together if we lose, I lose by myself. Yeah, that that that talk that’s that’s a no brainer, irresistible offer for me not like Hey, how about, Hey, your hand, how about you give me $50,000. And if you win, you win. And if you don’t do bad, but the only thing I know in this equation, for sure is that I’m gonna win. That that’s not an irresistible offer to me. Correct? That’s right. That’s the odds are stacked in the other person’s favor. Yeah, just stand in your favor. Yes. Do you know who Dan Kennedy is? I sure do.


Love Dan Kitt. Grumpy Damn. Exactly. He came up with a thing. It was him who said all right, Cody, you and I we both have biggest fans and you have an unlimited budget as to where you want to build you. Yo yo Berg is dead. What do you want your biggest fan to have?


Then I’ll do you do you know this analogy? Do you remember this? I haven’t heard this one now. Now. Um,


so usually he says this to an audience and he’ll say, Okay, well, you know, one will say, I want to be in the high street in the city. And the other one will say, I want to be in the best hotel, I want to be next to the airport, I want to be next to the beach, all of this stuff. And then, you know,


I want the best organic ingredients. So people are putting their hands up and saying, This is what I will have in my best bigger place. And he said, Great, you can have all that there’s only one ingredient that I want in my burger shop. And everybody’s now they’re waiting. They’re on the edge of their seats. He says, a hungry audience. That’s it. Because when you’re hungry,


and then by seeing the marketing, they’re salivating and then they want it. And so that irresistible offer is all about showing that hungry audience how great this burger is, and why they should happen. And when you present PTO that irresistible offer made, they have to take a look, you know, example I was using is you want you want to sell water in a desert.


If you if somebody who hasn’t had a drink in three days comes across your water stand in the desert, they’re not going to say Can I can I talk to three customers you’ve successfully hydrated?


Are you are you every on certified?


hydration come with a money back guarantee. It’s like


you want to be selling water in the desert? Yep, exactly. That’s a great example. I’ll give you another example. So this this guy who I was telling you about who I was sitting down, and you know, he’s got this big company. And so I decided to do some digging. And using Google Analytics, the Google Keyword Tool, I could figure out that this guy was spending $150,000 every month. And then that asked him a simple question. I said, How much does it cost you to get one appointment? He said it’s $800. So I knew that he was already used to spending $800 to get somebody sitting down or calling. So okay, cool. So I ran, I set up a little Facebook page. And I ran ads for three days, just just for fun, literally for fun. And I ran it to his sales team. And I put it you know, from my comm, this lead has been generated by blah for you, please call them ASAP. Anyway, in three days, I spent $240 on ads, and I got them 16 high quality leads. Is his stuff. Like Who the hell is this company, this dental 16 amazing leads, you know that they calling up the closing? So then he sees me again, it comes up to me, because what did you do? What did you do? I’m like, let me show you how to spend that hundred and $50,000. Better. Yeah, and by the way, for those 16 leads, I only paid $240 here’s my Facebook ad account, let me show it to you. And he’s like, holy shit. How do you do that? I’m like, Well, you know, I’ve been in this game for a long time.


So, you know, that’s the Law of Reciprocity and results in events. You know, Frank Kern talks about results on the net, we always give people results in advance. And that way, they see what they’re going to get. And they know the experience that they’re going to have, therefore, they have already sort of tasted it. Yeah, that that’s really good. I think, a question. That’s really good to ask yourself, I can’t remember what’s a nine word email guy. What’s his name? I can’t remember off top my head Dean. Dean Jackson. Yeah, yeah. He says, What would you do if you could only get paid after you delivered the result? Yep. What would you do? And most, I asked my clients that all the time, and they don’t know the answer to that question. If you don’t know the answer to that question that that’s that’s where you need to start, right? Because you don’t have an irresistible offer at this point.


Yep, exactly. Yeah, that’s really, really, really awesome. So what are some some quick profit levers that people can can pull within their business? So if someone’s listening to this thinking, that’s great. But what what’s something practical I can take away from this? What are some places they can look to find some quick, quick results? Yeah, for sure. So this comes down to Jay, Abraham’s three profit leaders. We’re, you know, for us we’ve been in the game a long time. We know, we know. We know what their one is, how do I get more leads? How do I increase my leads by 10% this year, because if you look at that the end result of your bottom line by increasing leads by 10% is massive. And it’s not that hard to increase your leads with this day and age, especially now we’re in a pandemic, all the biggest advertisers that left the platforms, this is the best time in history to be advertising on these platforms because everybody is actually on their phone. So the demand is high, the supply is low, and therefore you will get those ideal clients from you know, just whether this they’re sitting there waiting for you. All you got to do is advertise right. So get more leads, then increase the frequency, get them coming back. Whatever you need to do put them into an automation sequence. Get them to buy from


From you more often, or if they can’t buy from you, if your product is a one off product, you know that you sell them once off, sell them, you know, other friends products and take a clip of the action, just keep giving them the value of what they need before, during and after that, you know, an initial purchase. And then the third thing is to increase the transaction value. How do you increase the transaction value upsells downsells, cross sells make them a better offer. Now there’s the good, better best model, which you know, most businesses use, which is you know, if you think about McDonald’s, small, medium large, most people will 80% by the medium. Yeah, then there’s 10% hope by the small and there’s 10%, who just by the lodge for the sake of buying the lodge, even though they might not eat it. Right. So good, better, best, make sure you have that. And if 80% of your people are buying the large one, guess what you’re too, you’re too cheap, you need to have another. So now make the medium, your small, offer the larger medium and then create another offer. So those are the three profit levers that you can pull in your business and to increase your leads. As I said, it’s very easy talk to Cody, he’ll hook you up and increase


the frequency you know, you can take any of these things are just so easily achievable. Just buy


a few things in your business. And you can literally double triple quadruple your business in a couple of months if you really wanted to. Yeah, now that that that that’s awesome. Listen, thank you. You’ve given us a huge amount of value today. It’s like I’d love to I’d love to keep talking but keep people don’t want to find you What are you working on these days? Where can people find you if they’ve enjoyed this interview? Where where can they find out more about you or get involved with you? Thank you. So they can go to Facebook and type in business authorities community, they can join the community, I’m always hanging around in there, or they can go to business authorities comm Oh, yeah, that’ll do. You know, business or go to Facebook and search business authorities community. I’ll put the I’ll put the links below below the shown in the show notes here. I’ll have them somewhere where you can find those, those resources. So listen, thank you so much. I’ve really enjoyed talking to you. I’ve got I’ve got a great education. I’ve got some I’ve got some awesome notes here myself to go and evaluate what I’m doing in my business. So it’s always great to speak to someone who’s functioning at the level that you’re functioning at. So thank you for your generosity, your hand, really appreciate it. Make sure you give us a like rate the show, leave a comment and we’ll see you all next time. Thank


you guys. Bye

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