Cody Butler 

I Talk About How Business Owner Use Alcohol To Cope With The Stress And Uncertainty Business Brings, And The Damage It Does To Their Marrige And Family.

Cody Butler is the founder of "The Better Marriage" and "The God Centered Man".

Cody helps God Centered Business Men who are struggling with alcohol or susbatance use, overcome alcohol and rebuild their marriage from the ground up.

He's also the author #1 Best Selling Author of “Cut The B.S - A No Nonsense Guide To Happiness”.

Cody's been featured on Fox, ABC, and NBC and has worked with thousands of clients people to date.

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"Cody Is An Experienced Podcast Guest Who'll Bring Positivity, Motivation And Actionable Parenting Advice To Your Listeners"
Cody's Getting Great Reviews...

Cody Is Also The Author Of The #1 Best Selling Book...

Topics Cody Can Speak On
  • ​Why is it so hard for people to stop drinking?
  • ​How does alcohol impact a marriage?
  • Why do highly successful people struggle with alcohol?
  • ​What is the first step in getting the problem under control?
  • ​How are marriage, business and alcohol, all related.
  • ​What is Spontaneous Sobriety?
Questions You Can Ask Cody
  • ​Why do highly successful people engage in self-destructive behavior?
  • ​How did you achieve spontaneous sobriety?
  • How is what your doing different to everything else?
  • ​You say you need to unlearn the lies to succeed, what do you mean by that?
  • ​You say the key to success is identity, can you give an example of how that works?
  • ​You talk about how mosy people will die before changing, what is that about?
  • ​What is the first step somebody needs to take if they find themselves with an alcohol issue?
  • ​You say you experienced spontanious sobriety, what is that?
  • ​Rehab has a success rate of 3%, how are you getting 80%+
  • ​Why are traditional treatments so ineffective?
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