What my clients have to say

Golf Pengthong

Cody Butler is the man of his words. Rarely you find people who can deliver what they promised. I was working with Cody to generate leads and leads came rolling on a daily basis and I actually asked him to pause the activities so I can have more time to follow up with these leads. If you get an opportunity to work with Cody, you do it fast! I highly highly highly recommend him.

Mark Russell

With Cody’s help I was able to launch my business and enroll 6 clients within 60 days of starting the program.

Nigel Blake

After working with Cody for only 90 days. I’m very happy with the results, Cody has delivered exactly he said he would deliver on time and professionally.

George Meressa

Cody has been amazing, we’ve been working with him for over 12 months now and we are very impressed with the results. We have won a considerable amount of new business as a direct result of what he has done for us.

Victor Carter

The training is great and has exceeded my expectations. I definitely made a great decision.

Michael Carter

I got a video testimonial from one of my clients. We are making them $60-75k/month on $2,500 ad spend. Outrageous.

Fay McLean

After just 20 days landed my First Client, $1,500 per month retainer, $500 set up fee, 28 days, got my Second Client

Chris Sava

Booked $8,000 per month in new retainers in the past 3 weeks…I’m consistently adding 1-2 new clients every week now

Dan & Rory Halliday

Before working with Cody we were making $2,423 per month profit, now, 3 months later we are making over $22,796 per month profit…That’s over $244,487 per year profit

Dan Wardrope

As a direct result of implementing Cody’s training, I’ve added $15,000 per month in retainer income which has added at least $180,000 per year to my business so far