I just see Facebook is going to be cracking down on messenger bots and using messenger to market starting sometime in March.

50 people must have told me in the last 2 years…you need to jump on messenger bots…it’s amazing!

I never really did because for me it was going too far…it’s the same with SMS marketing to me…leave people with some privacy.

I can only imagine the horror FB unleashed allowing bots into messenger 🙂

Messenger bot is a perfect example of what I call “Communism Marketing”…it forces a message on people against their will while at the same time provides a massive benefit for a very small group of people doing it.

Some countries have to build walls to keep people in because they suck and everybody wants to leave…

…While other countries build walls to keep people out because they’re great and everybody wants to go there! (No comments on Trump please..this is an analogy, not a political statement).

My point is…If you’re marketing your business properly…it should be about building walls to keep people out and not finding ways to get more and more “unwilling participants” in.

It’s about compelling, not convincing.

If you’re truly delivering content that’s on point…your prospects will seek you out, they will actively look for you…you don’t have to ram it down their throats.

The goal is to be better than Game Of Thrones…create content so good they want to binge on you, not get a skimpy message one a week.

GOT could have easily started a waiting list, invite-only, and charged a lot to see a hidden season back at its height.

They didn’t need messenger bots to get the word out.

A couple of well-placed tweets and it would have gone viral.

Most Marketers fall into the category of creating nothing that’s shareable, nothing that’s bingable, nothing with viral possibility…and as a result struggle big time.

When you make that shift, sales skyrocket and costs plummet.
That’s why I’m starting a new Facebook Group called “The Not Stupid Marketer”.

Because TBH…most people market their services in a way that doesn’t really make a lot of sense!

So…If you Sell High Ticket…this is for you 🙂

Whether you’re selling coaching programs via webinar/strategy session, doing DFY Marketing service, or 1-1 consulting …(I do all those things), I’ll be sharing the lower effort, higher yield methods that will help you sell more for less.

This group is where I’m going to be sharing a lot of my best strategies on how to build a Utopic Business that’s going to require strong borders to keep the wrong people out…not a Communist Ghetto struggling to keep people in!

So if you want in…Here’s the link: