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In 2020, I booked 372 Qualified Sales Calls Directly On The LinkedIn Platform. LinkedIn Became Our Company’s Central Growth Lever, Pushing Us To 7 Figures Of Growth.
Those sales calls, if I’d used paid ads would have cost me upwards of $185k in advertising costs.
Learn those EXACT same STRATEGIES, SCRIPTS, and PROCESSES me and my team used to produce over 7 figures of revenue virtually FOR FREE!
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What Is “The 90 Day Marketing Plan”?

“The 90 Day Marketing Plan” is a unique and highly effective approach to marketing a local business, specifically designed to work with tiny advertising budgets, that allows you to build a sustainable and profitable long term business that generates new clients or customers, and produces them largely without your presence or attention.
We achieve this by creating a “Marketing Machine” that works for you 24/7 that produces new leads while you sleep and where your only job is to oversee the system, not spend all your time chasing new clients.
And as a result…this free’s you up to live and enjoy your life while the business works for you – this is Big Results On Small Budgets.
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After 1000+ Sales Call, I averaged a close rate of 72%.
The reason for that is I have a sales formula that works!
If You Can’t Close The Deal, Nothing Else Matters. Learn How To Close 100% Of The People Who Are “closeable” 100% Of The Time. In This Advanced Business Training You Will Learn:

  • How to conduct the perfect sales call every time.
  • How to close 100% of the prospects who are “closeable”
  • How to have the prospect tell you how much your fee should be.
  • Learn how to communicate your value at a much higher level.
  • How to overcome the most common objections.

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Over the past 5 years, I’ve founded 3 businesses that have all achieved 7 figures+ of income.
In this training, I share the formula I use every time I start a new business or help a business owner to grow.
This is the EXACT SAME SYSTEM that has helped over 5000 Businesses and produced an estimated $500 million in sales.
At the end of this program, you’ll know who, your best customers are, where to find them, how to reach them, and how to say YES to you on autopilot.
Where you an experienced business owner looking to take your business to the next level, or still in the start-up phase…This course is for you!
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Question…How would you like to be generating leads for your business 24/7 on autopilot?
If you would…then I’ve got an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for YOU!
Check out my 7-Day MARKETING AUTOMATION Challenge to get an Automated Marketing Machine, built, running, and producing leads in your business…And I’m going to make this as easy and painless for you as possible 🙂
Firstly, I’m going to walk you through the process, Step-by-Step
I’m going to give you Copy And Paste Scripts and 1-Click-Install templates…I’ve literally done 95% of the work for you.
Secondly…What you’re going to get is a 100% High Converting…Proven to Work Marketing Funnels that will WORK for ANY BUSINESS.
These are the EXACT Same Scrips and Templates that to date have produced literally over $500 million in sales in more than 40 industries.
Don’t reinvent the wheel, just MODEL WHAT WORKS 🙂
Every day, you’re going to receive detailed, paint by numbers, instruction on EXACTLY what you need to do that day to have you completed AUTOMATED
LEAD GENERATION MACHINE working by the end of the challenge.
This is the same Machine we set up for all our “Done For You Clients” and we charge them a $4997 set up fee!
You can get the exact same automated machine now for a nominal investment of just $297!
It Also Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee!
PLUS…I’m going to break this down into manageable, bite-size pieces that you can compete in 30-45 minutes per day.
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What if there was a way you could prosper in any venture, in any area of your life, on autopilot?
There’s a reason 5% of the population control 95% of everything and it’s not by luck.
The fact is there is one difference that makes all the difference and once you master it you’ll be in possession of the master keys to succeed at anything you do.
In this book, you’ll learn…

  • How to succeed in any business.
  • How to eliminate negativity and fear from your life.
  • How to behave assertively and with confidence to achieve any outcome.
  • How to achieve superhuman levels of self-esteem.
  • How to turn any situation into a profitable one.

We uncover the tools needed to design and create a new reality from the inside out.
Go beyond the status quo and discover the difference that makes all the difference.

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