One of the most profound, impactful, and life-changing statements I ever heard came from Blair Singer at a Sales Training Seminar in 2009…
“You could take everything I own, strip me naked, throw me on the street, and 1 year from now I’ll be back here on this stage a millionaire…Why…Because I know how to make money!” – Blair Singer
That statement changed my life and set me on a path to financial freedom.
It made me realise that freedom can never be based around something that can be taken from me…
…Freedom is born of that which can never be taken from me!
Whatever’s in your bank can be lost, stolen or confiscated at the drop of a hat…and if you basing your feelings of security on that, buckle up you’re in for a rough ride
If freedom and security are based on the certainty that no matter what happens today…tomorrow you’ll be back, bigger and better than ever, well, that’s a little better wouldn’t you say?
Money is like the tide of the ocean…it will come in..and it will go back out.
You can be as certain of that as the tide itself!
What is not certain is your emotional condition during the cycle 🙂
I remember vacations used to be a thing of horror for me.
I usually had 1 or 2 big clients paying almost all my bills and no predictable way to replace them.
If one left…I was screwed…and to be away from email for a week was a horror of the highest order.
What if they were upset with something and I didn’t respond for a week?
What if they wanted to quit?
I just couldn’t get home fast enough and login to Gmail.
But then, eventually, I figured out a system to systematically bring on new big clients as and when I wanted them.
I was no longer dependent on referrals or luck to catch a whale.
All of a sudden, it felt like I could breathe…I could relax.
I remember the first time I sat at the poolside in a resort in Corfu and just thought “Screw It…I Don’t Care, I’m Going To Enjoy Myself!”.
It was like Oxygen, it was like a breath of fresh air.
You see…
In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs…
Security is the #1 need…
And he states…a person will not rest until they feel secure.
Previously my security was based on something I had no control over…
Now that control was in my hands, or more precisely my head in the form of KNOWLEDGE!
I had arrived at the place Blair Singer had spoken about years earlier…you can take all I own…and I’m still going to enjoy this vacation because I know how to fix it