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Real Education Is Not About Giving Somebody New Information. It's About Giving Them New Behaviour. - Cody Butler
Signiture Programs And Books
Become A "90 Day Marketing Plan certified consultant"
Work With Cody 1-1 And Learn How To Implement The 90 Day Methodology As A "Certified 90 Day Marketing Plan Consultant".
This is an application only, 3 month program, where we'll work with you personally, teaching you how to "Methodically" apply the 90 Day Strategy with clients. You'll get, materials, workbooks etc, to use with clients. You'll also receive a curriculum and a structured plan to walk businesses Step-by-Step through the process. You'll also receive ongoing support to help you once you start consulting...Before applying, please keep in mind it's a $25k investment for the Certification Program. Payment plans are available.
The Ultimate In Quantum Life Transformation.
In this signiture program, Cody shares the secrets that allowed him from transform from being a broke, welfare recipient, to a millionaire only 3 years later. This program is for men seeking QUANTUM GROWTH in thier Wealth, Health, And Happiness. This 6 month "MENTORING PROGRAM" is designed to skip levels, and take your life far beyond the next logical steps...And FASTER than you ever imagined possible!
“BECOME A Millionaire marketing consultant”
 Earn As Much As A Doctor In As Little As 90 Days From now...While Working Part Time From Home.
Becoming a Marketing Consultant, working with small businesses is one of the most Lucretive, most Indemand, and lowest cost businesses anybody could get into requiring no previous experience. And with virtually ZERO investment to get started. If you've every dreamed of "Being Your Own Boss"... This is without doubt, the BEST and FASTEST path to creating real and lasting WEALTH, and break free from the Rat Race.
Learn The Marketing Sectrets Of The Wealthy In Our "Business Breakthrough Academy".
Once you understand How To Effectively Market A Business...That's Money Handled For You...You'll never need to worry about money again. In FACT, owning a business will either create Wealth, Abundance, and Freedom in your life...Or it will create financial hardships, stress, and anxiety. What's going to determine which catagory you are in is YOUR ABILITY TO MARKET EFFECTIVELY. In this 8 week program you'll learn everything you need to know, to never have to wonder where your next client is coming from ever again.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Sales...Start Closing With Scientific Precision.
The Secret To Closing More Deals Than You've Dreamed Possible Is Learning that Sales Is Actually A ScienceAnd If you want to close more deals...Then you have to understand and master the psychology and the science behind it…The better you become at sales, the Wealthier you'll become. In the "Closers Clinic", you learn Step-By-Step what makes people buy, and how to use that to give you an "Unfair" advantage, as well as the roadmap to the perfect sales call.

The 90 Day Marketing Plan
A Simple But Highly Effective Game Plan For Any Business Owner.
The 90-Day Marketing Plan reveals the critical strategies that allow a handful of Elite Business Owners to get Incredibly Wealthy. Learn how you can take advantage of these one-of-a-kind and little known strategies in this #1 Best Selling Book by Cody Butler.
" The Secret To Becoming Wealthy Is Being Your Own Boss. You've Got To Break Free From The J.O.B* "
*Just OveR BROKE
" If You Don't Own A Business... Start One Now. If You Do...Learn How To Grow It Using QUANTUM GROWTH "
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