About Me...

After successfully overcomming alcohol andturning my own marriage around,  I find myself in the uniquely privileged position of being able to help other High Performance, God-Centered Men do the same who are still in the desperation of the battle right now.

I do this from a God Centered approach to recovery.

Only God has the power to truly and permanently set you free of the chains you currently find yourself in.

My Mission

My mission is to help High Performance struggling with alcohol with the skills needed to rebuild their lives and marraiges from the ground up, with a foundation that can withstand even the strongest of storms.

Due to my own background of being and businessman, and alcohol almost destroying my marriage, I’m able to relate to those who are in a similar position, which others cannot possibly understand!

A marriage, where alcohol and substance abuse is present, has all the challenges of a regular marriage, but the added complexity of alcohol to deal with.

I can share with you the path out of the nightmare.

If you’re reading this, I know it seems hopeless right now. 

I know it seems as though those chains can never be broken, but I’m here to tell you they can.

I’m here to assure you that there is a path back to both sanity and amazing marriage.

It’s a God-centered path.

But If you are committed to rebuilding and are willing to do whatever it takes…

Success is GUARANTEED for you.

Start your journey now by watching my FREE MASTER CLASS, and if what you see makes sense to you…Let’s Talk!