Our Mission…

Our Mission Is To Empower A Generation Of Business Owners With The Skills And Knowledge To Build An Exceptional Life.

About Me

So what would you like to know about me? I’m flattered that anybody would be interested in learning about me.

Sadly for my ego I’m making a guess that you’re not really that interested in the stuff like I live in Sydney Australia with my Wife and Son, I have an identical twin brother and I drink skinny lattes with caramel syrup. I’m pretty sure you’re not here to get my views on Politics, Philosophy and Economics either?

I’m guessing you’re more interested in the stuff like how I went from earning less than $10k per year as a musician in 2009 to having a 7 figure consultancy and marketing business in 2016 and how that can be modelled in your business?

You’re probably more interested in the stuff like how I built a successful digital agency from nothing, with no money.

You might even be looking for links like this so you can go check out what I’ve actually done in the real world for yourself.


After all, if I’m telling you I can help you build your business, probably a good idea I’ve done it myself first right?…and have some evidence to prove it!

Hiding it from those I’m claiming I can help on the pretense that they don’t rip it off doesn’t cut it for me. If you make the claim…back it up.


You can expect that I share with you legitimate, real world tested and proven strategies that will get you consulting clients if implemented.

My usual process is I offer free training which quite frankly is better than most paid trainings followed by a shameless sales pitch. This is how I generate my clients.

Quality training you can implement followed by an offer!

If you’re curious or considering working with me then I suggest taking one of the free trainings I offer first. If you like it, pretty good chance you’ll like the paid stuff. If you don’t…you just saved yourself some money.

Here’s one of my favorites if you’re looking for a good free training to get started with:

You can also expect me to show you what works, what I’ve successfully used and what (if used) will actually put money in your bank account


We’re building a business, not a fantasy, so if you currently make nothing and your question is “Can I get to $100K per month in 6 months?”. The answer is “NO”!

If those are your type of questions, this is not for you.

If your question is “If I implement like a MoFo can you get me to the next level?”. The answer is “YES” We’re going to get along just fine ????

There are no shortcuts to success, only wise paths, and there’s no such thing as “Get Rich Quick”only “Get Poor Quick”.

Seriously hard work, dedication and expert guidance is the formula for success.

If you can bring the first two qualities, I don’t care if you’re a complete beginner or a guru, I can work with you and it’s going to be a beautiful thing!


Here’s the thing with beginners, everybody’s got to start somewhere so why not start with a solid foundation? Get it right from the ground up.

I get asked all the time questions like “What if nobody knows me?” or “What if I don’t have any testimonials or case studies?”. Guess what, that’s where everybody started. The are more important things than testimonials.

Determination, ingenuity, resolve to succeed and strength of character. I’m more interested in your personal qualities than I am where you are right now in your business or what you’re lacking.

Where you are in business is temporary and is easily and quickly progressed.

What you bring in terms of your resolve to succeed is far more valuable to our relationship and ultimately your success.


So there’s going to be cynical elements here that see this as a shameless manipulation, an NLP mind trick or something like that.

You know what? That’s fine…they can leave and go back to their world of suspicion and cynicism at any time.

But here’s the truth, “One Man’s Spending Is Another Man’s Income”. If you want to participate in the circle of wealth then you can only spend your way into it, you can’t save your way to wealth.

Why would others invest in you if you don’t invest in yourself?

Personally, how can I expect to attract others to me who want to invest in themselves to grow if I’m not prepared to invest in myself to grow? There would be a problem with that.

When you invest in yourself through training or a service, you’re also opening the door to others investing through you at a similar level. This is why I invest in education at far higher levels than I ever ask my clients to invest.

“Living is about giving” to quote Tony Robbins, not hoarding (that last part was me!).

To wind things up here…as I mentioned earlier, there are no shortcuts to success only wise paths, and let me tell you, I’ve been down plenty of dead ends over the years.

If you’re ready to shorten the learning curve and take things to the next level…who knows? You might like what you find here.

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