Our Mission...

Our Mission Is To Empower A Generation Of Men With The Skills And Knowledge To Overcome Anxiety, Stress, And Depression…And To Build An Exceptional Life Worth Living.

About Me

So what would you like to know about me? I’m flattered that anybody would be interested in learning about me.

Sadly for my ego I’m making a guess that you’re not really that interested in the stuff like I live in Sydney Australia with my Wife and Son, I have an identical twin brother and I drink skinny lattes with caramel syrup. I’m pretty sure you’re not here to get my views on Politics, Philosophy and Economics either?

I’m guessing you’re more interested in the stuff like how I went from earning less than $10k per year as a musician in 2009 to having a 7 figure consultancy and marketing business in 2016 and how that can be modelled in your life?

You’re probably more interested in the stuff like how I went from being chronically depressed to living the life of my dreams?

After all, if I’m telling you I can help you find happiness, probably a good idea I’ve done it myself first right?…and have some evidence to prove it!
Hiding it from those I’m claiming I can help on the pretense that they don’t rip it off doesn’t cut it for me. If you make the claim…back it up.

How much would you be willing to invest to silence the voices in your head and become the creator of your own reality?

That's EXACTLY BREAKTHROUGH you'll get when you work with me...And for a lot less than the number you just said in your head.

WARNING: Becoming Wealthy, Healthy, and Happy can be done…But It’s Not A Game, And If You’re Not Ready To Face Some Hard Truths…This Is Not Going To Be For You.

Growth Involves SELF-HONESTY…It’s Why Most People Don’t Do It…But If You’re Ready, I Can Help.

Working with me isn’t a commitment to me…It’s a commitment to you and your own success…And it’s a big one!

I’ll fight for you, but only if you’re on what Sun Tzu in the “Art Of War” calls “DEATH GROUND”.

That means that failure is not an option for you…There is no possibility of retreat…You’ve landed on the shores and burnt the ships.

In short…You’ll do whatever it takes…Because you have to!

An army placed on “Death Ground” will fight with a passion and a determination that will make every one of their warriors worth 10 times what they would be worth anywhere else and they are almost certain to win.

And to be honest…I only ever fight for the winning side.

So is working with me right for you?

It comes down to this one question…”If you’re in the same place you are right now this time next year…Can you live with that?”.

If the answer is an “EMPHATIC NO”…You’re on death ground and this might be right for you.

If We Work Together…My Promise To You Is A Total LIFE Transformation.

You’re not just going to be wealthier at the end of it…You’re going to be Happier, Healthier, Fitter, Stronger, More Balanced, More In Tune With Your Family and Spiritually Stronger.

If you’re not prepared to work on every aspect of your life…It’s not going to work.

Because here’s Lesson #1 For FREE….

How you do anything is how you do everything and working with me will be a TOTALLY TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE of every aspect of YOUR LIFE.

The Inner Person Who Got You To Where You Are, IS NOT The Inner Person Who Will Take You To The Next Level – GUARANTEED.

Over the next 6 months…

You’ll set yourself free from under performance NOW.

You’ll find Clarity, Direction, Purpose, Joy, Fulfilment and OF COURSE, Massive Financial Success.

So here’s what working with me feels like…

There are times I’ll bruise you, I’m not the type of coach who tells you lies because it’s easier for me.

I’m not a snowflake who avoids making you uncomfortable.

As Jesus said…”Know The Truth And The Truth Will Set You Free”.

I’ll tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

My job is to get you to the next level, I’m not going to let you off the hook with flattery…I tell it like it is.


There are things you are not going to want to do…MUST do it anyway.

There will be times you want to quit…Not an option.

Bottom line…If you hire me to get you a result…That’s what I’m going to do.

I’m blunt, and to the point, if that offends, this is 100% not for you.

Lastly, I only work with people who understand meaningful change takes time and it takes investment – Significant Investment.

That’s why I ONLY work on a 6 Month Commitment.

If you were 100lb or kg overweight, that can’t be turned around in 30 days. It takes a real commitment over a reasonable period of time to turn that around.

So if that hasn’t scared you off…Click the link below and book an “EXPLORATION SESSION”.

If You’re Ready To Start Winning…