Build Your Dream 100 Network Of Referrals With Rj Ahmed

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It’s time for small business marketing Made Easy podcast, the fastest growing podcast for the business community with your host, acclaimed marketing trainer, international speaker and author of the best selling books got attitude and the 90 day marketing plan. Cody Butler


Hey, Cody Butler here and welcome to small business marketing Made Easy podcast. Today I’ve got RJ off man who’s going to talk about something that I think is really important, something that’s really of interest to me. So I’m really excited to have him on today. And that’s talking about your dream 100 client list your dream 100 clients and how you can use that to grow your business. So welcome to the show. RJ. How’s it going today?


Hey, man, thank you so much. Like, I’m great. What about you?


They’re doing great doing great. I’m really excited to talk to you about this. Because the dream 100 is something that I’m really very interested in. I first got exposed to it maybe 18 months ago, two years ago, I think it was through a Russell Brunson pamphlet or something like that. He was talking about Chet Holmes, you ended up getting Yeah, like 80 of his dream. 100 clients, and they are massive clients. And that kind of got my interest. So I’ve been pretty interested in it since then. So for those who don’t know what the dream 100 is, why don’t you tell everyone that’s listening? what that is?


Yeah, so the people who don’t know about what dream 100 is, do you wanna is basically the process of how, you know, list of hundred people or less than it would be less or more than 100 people out there have who have the target audience that you, you know, you desire for, so that ultimately you create a relationship with them in such a way that in the future, they promote your products? You know, eventually that’s what we 100 is all about. So yeah, that is what it is.


Yeah, I think that I think that’s really good. So basically, the concept is, instead of marketing to all of your prospects, you create a list of 100 prospects, you actually have access and distribution to your target market. And that becomes the focus of your market. Am I understanding that right, Jay?


Yeah, absolutely. So it means that, you know, instead of competing, you know, collaborate, you know, compete collaborate out there, because those people already have adopted audiences you want to go for, and mostly, it’s not like when we talk about 100, it’s not that people want the exact same level that you are deemed to be wanting to do more than, you know, that higher things out there. But don’t imagine an initial study, go and do 100 Bill Gates, that’s not going to happen.


So how would you? How would you go about building your dream? One, your dream 100 list? How will be a great place to stop someone who’s just thinking that they want to start this?


Yeah, so you know, one of the craziest thing that I’ve saw throughout the time, and you know, you, you know, I did I have a show, and the reason I started my own show was all to try to figure out what are the things that these people are like seven, eight figure entrepreneurs making the difference, you know, why the top 1% like, what makes them unique and different, and even on those processes out there, because most of these people will be part of clickfunnels community, we already knew, what do you want to raise, and I was mostly had, you know, having a look and had the idea about why, you know, they’re getting successful with even doing 100 the biggest mistake that you know, people make, we’ll do 100 days, they never create a list, they never realize about who they didn’t wanna is. Because eventually what happened is if they don’t create a lace about who their dream wander, is, they never reach out to them, they now have the, you know, the specific set of goals that who they need to target out new, who are those no particular type of people who have the desire audience and all of those people out there, you know, so that is the biggest mistake, you know, in the initial start that people make and then eventually they mess up the rest of the stuff out there. So the first step is, you know, figuring out who is using 100 you know, who are those people out there? And it could it could vary, you know, it could vary on the platform itself or it could vary you know, as a whole you know, it doesn’t matter that you need to choose a specific platform out there you can choose as a whole as well because a person who have a lot of people out there in his ecosystem he must have mastered those platforms out there at some point to get that initial traffic on all of the platforms and also at some places it very so that is also so important out there figure out who your dream 100 days


I love that what’s the biggest mistake people make they don’t get started they don’t do anything.


Now because that makes complete sense out there because you know, I always say it dad you know, people know what dream 100 as people talk about and love it but they never implement it because they don’t know because what happened is you know, as you said about like you heard from Russell Brunson even in his books, or even in Danna, Derek’s books and in challenges. He talks about orally but problem is when people read the books and read the concept of doom 100 they talk about Okay, do 100 is cool, but like how should we implement it in our business? They get stuck and then they don’t do anything since they don’t know why. Anything? No. So that’s the biggest problem, you know and come up in terms of implementation part of that strategy.


Yeah, that that’s great. So basically, if you can’t come up with the dream 100 come up with your dream five come up with your dream team just just just start just come up with just figure out who has Yeah, prospects that you want to work with. And make a list of those people, right? Just even if it’s just one or two or three, just get just get something written down on a page or in a spreadsheet, right? Just absolutely. Lawson


had one person like Steve Lawson had just Russell Brunson on his do 100 list no other person out there. It doesn’t mean that he didn’t started the process of doing 100 he did, you know, and that was just one person. And later on, he had, you know, hundreds of hundred thousand people in his gym. 100 less, but the initial start it was just Russell Brunson. The SEC. Doesn’t matter. You need to have like hundred people. Even a single person can make a difference out there if you know how to make that difference.


Sure. Sure. Sure. So so just so everyone’s absolutely 100% clear on this. So basically the dream 100 it’s its joint venture on steroids, right? It’s what it says its joint venture on steroids. It’s a joint venture taken to Michelin star level.


And a person.


Yeah. So now you’ve built let’s say, we’ve built a list of maybe not our dream 100 maybe, maybe we’ve built a list. I’ve done this several times myself, but I can build my dream 20 but I kind of get stuck that sometimes. Right? So let’s say we’ve built a list of dream 20 How do we go about reaching out to these people in a way that doesn’t just irritate them? Because I’m sure they’re getting reached out to a lot. Right. So what what are some good approaches to reach out to these people that’s actually hirable. So they’ll listen to what you have to say and actually start the conversation.


Yeah, man, you know, I really love that particular point, currently, because you know, the problem, what people don’t understand is they get a lot of messages, you know, they get a lot of messages, lot of offers a lot of stuff out there. And they forget that if they are behaving behaving the exact same way they are becoming one of them, you know, you need to outlast the rest of the people out there in order to make yourself unique. And there is a way that I truly remember when I interviewed like Aqua Shea he said, you know, if you met a girl, you know, you know, you won’t be able to get married with her The next day, you know, you need to nurture the process. Yes, it is absolutely true, it is the thing you need to nurture your relation with your gym 100 out there. And for most reason to even before reaching out to them, you need to be omnipresent on their platforms, you know, you need to be omnipresent on their Facebook groups on their part of a tribe on their profile on their Instagram, you know, so that they will feel like, okay, they’re watching you literally everywhere out there in order to, you know, feel that sort of a connection out there, somehow, some way. So they will feel like, Okay, this person shows up literally everywhere, on every single content, or profile or live or videos out there. You know, because, like, if anyone reaching out directly that’s the thing that thousands of people are doing as well. You know, you’re trying to becoming the next big fan, don’t become a fan, you know, become appear. Just do it. And just like, let them feel like this. Yeah, you weren’t the only guy that was like falling them in the frickin correct way possible. And yeah, you need to get heard of whatever you’re talking about. None of these things are like super important to understand. And just people make it so complicated Sivan say, you know, get triggered emotionally. You know, they get triggered off you know, I just want to meet Russell Brunson. I just want to get in touch with Russell, Steve Larson are these type of people out there, but they don’t, you know, understand the process. Or it might take a little bit time to get her up because he’s freaking Russell Brunson. He had like a billion dollar software as a service company out there. It’s not a joke. thousands people reach out to him on daily basis. You know, you need to outclass all those people in order to make yourself unique. So have a look Be realistic, and then move on to stuff. It’s possible.


That I’m making, I’m making some notes here for myself. So don’t be a fan be appear. I like that. So you got it, you got it, you got to come alongside them. You don’t you don’t want to just reach out to somebody and do exactly. I agree. 100%. And you’ve got to kind of find something that’s very, very unique and persistent. I mean, what role does persistence playing is RJ


Well, you know, positions play a lot of role because, like, it’s something like, you know, you’re almost like disclose, you know, disclose to make it our and, you know, like even for me, I didn’t started the process that much. You know, when I started out like it, like almost like it’s been two years since I am in this like online journey and everything out there. But you know, during this good time, I was like, and during the Traffic Secrets launch, I was like, okay, and since all of them talks about doing 100 like in traffic serious, a lot of lessons are on green water itself. And I was like, Okay, now I should I need to do it because this is something that is attracting me to get into this stuff and you know, get it done. As I said, you know, you It’s all about how you nurture the things and for nurturing, it takes time. No, it takes persistence to you know, get things done, nothing happens, you know, instantly, because whatever you’re trying to do, maybe another person is trying to do the exact same thing as well, okay? Because you’re not the only person who have that person in your dream 100 other people have it as well. And you need to understand what’s happening in their world as well, rather than you go straight away and then asking them for, you know, for the things out there, that doesn’t make any sense. You need to understand what’s happening in their world, is there something that’s happening as part of an event as a part of their master class or workshop? Or if they have some sort of Baton, you know, in the family in their personal life out there, you need to understand you need to understand what ad is a good time to at least ask I’m not saying the perfect time, because there is never been a perfect time out there. But what is a good time to go and ask the thing? You know, so that is super important thing to understand. So for that persistence requires, you know, it’s absolutely glad nothing happened by chance.


Yeah, that’s great. I think in I think was it might have been secrets where I first came across this for where Russell Brunson was telling the story, I think he said Chet Holmes had, after four months of reaching out to his team, right, 100, he didn’t have a single didn’t have a single client from stream 100 after four months, and then with I think it was 18 months, he had like 80% of them and signed up to services. So just yeah, I think most people just quit. Sorry, go RJ go.


Yeah, so like, it shows that, you know, you just need one yes, to get the other nodes convert into? Yes, you know, that’s what it was in dotcomsecrets, as well. And that was a case, if jet holmesian started that process and be persistent, you know, on that particular part, they won’t be like any other person who was talking about the concept of dream 100 itself, because he was the guy who literally coined that particular term, no, like, almost like a decade ago, something like that. But that was the thing that was, again, persistence acquired, because imagine the difference between some sort of organic and then paid and then do 100 traffic is like, organic, again, requires time, because you know, you need to, you need to create your audience, you need to know, build your following out there so that you can create connections, it don’t happen, like, instantly, if you want to create your audience, you know, again, it requires some sort of a time and then slowly and slowly goes up for making it faster, you use paid ads. But instead of doing instant, this, you use the 100. Because we already have their hot traffic out there. And imagine, yes, you don’t need to pre frame anyone out there as well, because the audience is already pre framed with them for anything that they will, you know, offer. And for them, it’s no brainer if they promote the product, and the audience will be like, this is the thing that we literally need it and he provided us, you know, and they went on the back. That is, you know, super important thing to understand and definitely for that persistence is Wayne bar.


Yeah, that’s a great point. I think, I think one of the main things that between dream 100 traffic and Facebook traffic, for example, is Facebook traffic, when is the quintessential cold traffic? It’s cold. Yeah, they don’t know you. And in fact, they’re probably quite hostile to what you’re doing at this point in time, because you’ve just thrown an ad in their newsfeed and interrupted that cat video experience. Right. Whereas with the dream, 100 it’s an endorsed, it’s an endorsed referral, I mean, that that person is essentially endorsing you. Yeah. So


yeah, you don’t need any sort of a, you know, any sort of what we can say about well, validation, you know, at that particular point that you are the genuine person or not, because they already trust your dream 100 and those people are giving you, you’re not promoting your product or your services, are you specifically, there’s no denying path for that, that you are the guy, you know, so that’s important.


Absolutely. So, when you’re starting out with the dream, 100 strategy, how many like 100 is a lot obviously, for the average person, just just to build that list is probably not really going to happen. But to really follow up properly and nurture. How many would you suggest that you start with if you’re gonna actually do a really good job and you’re gonna learn this process? How many how many contacts on your list? Would you actually suggest starting out with RJ?


Yeah, so baby bare minimum for anyone who wants to start out is should go for like almost acting 2020 to go for 10 to 20 people out there. Yeah. Because eventually, like every few star with 10 to 20 people, you will already going to be figuring out for the feature that will want to be your additional addition on your dream 100 list because eventually it grows it Don’t you know, it don’t end up on it, don’t subtract, it always adds up to a lot of people out there in your list itself. You know, so 10 to 20 is a good number to start out because you just don’t want to even in the initial start, you just don’t want to spend your full time just to working or like trying to create relation with one person at a time. You can do that with multiple people out there that completely makes sense. And that you should do you know in order to cover that process because imagine out of like, that’s how you know the job. A yes or no increases. Okay. But imagine chances are Yes, if they are 10 people, if one person says yes out of 10, there’s going to be, you know, 10% of Yes. And that makes huge difference, you know? And if that is only one person, and if he says no, that is like, zero percent, you know, yes out there. So that is some sort of a probability out there in order to make yourself the perfect idea. But again, you need to do the rest of the process for all of the people out there, don’t expect like, Ah, you know, we’ve done with the nine people, we let the 10 person, you know, just go the way that it should be. Don’t like that work, you know, do the exact same process with all of the people out there up, you know, depending upon your capacity, how you can take those people out there and, you know, do the rest of the process.


Yeah, ya know that. That’s great advice, RJ. So what businesses rule this will this work for? So we’ve got quite a quite a wide array of listeners, different kinds of businesses, what businesses will this work for? Are there any businesses that this won’t work for?


Well, you know, that that is what that was an awesome thing. Yesterday, I was a call with one of the one of the client out there, and he had some sort of a solar business, and he wanted to use the concept of dream 100. I think that that’s an offline business, but also like just using a funnel, get leads and potential customers out there. And that sort of way. Any business that want to, you know, get the instant boost up, can use the process of doing 100. Because, for me, and you might agree on that exact same point is the online business is almost exact same thing, what happens offline, but it just converted on, you know, on the digital side of the world, that is, even in selling and creating relationships, you know, in networking, and all of the other factors out there, it’s almost exactly the same thing. You know, so it happens, and it works with every little business out there. You just need to figure out how it works in your own business want to understand the fundamentals and the frameworks of do 100. For any business out there. Any business?


Yeah, so I think once you get this, once you actually master the dream, 100 and you’ve actually started to build your relationships, that’s pretty much traffic handled for you, isn’t it? That’s pretty much you don’t really need to worry about where your traffic where your prospects are going to come from anymore after that, you know, so I think it’s well worth. Yeah, it’s like I say, it’s something that I’m really interested in myself, right now. I’m a paid ads guy. And it’s like, yeah, that there’s pluses and minuses to paid ads. But I’m definitely very, very interested in the dream 100 concepts. So if people want to find you, RJ, if they want more information about this, can they work with you? Have you got? Have you got some training they can get? Where can they find you? What, where would they where would they start with


that? Yeah, so you know, I have a masterclass that calls the dream 100 master class where I teach people how to, you know, master the concept of dream 100, especially with implementation out there, because, you know, again, as I said, earlier, people get stuck on the implementation part of what and how they, you know, need to get these things done, rather than just reading in the books itself. You know, so I came up with this part of implementation, and I teach three cool concept, Indian 100 itself, the first thing is eventually, what is deemed 100, a deep dive walkthrough. Because then, you know, anyone who’s starting out or anyone who’s on his way to it, what it is. And second thing, what we talk about is how to activate in 100, while being the, you know, second leader of the tribe, because, again, you need to be the second leader after your dream 100 in a community. So the community feels like that. Yeah, you are one of those people who have the connection with the audience. 100 if it don’t look like that, it won’t work like that, you know, they need to be something like that. And it’s not like some sort of a realistic power. Imagine, like, if we talked about, again, with Steve Ross and Russell Brunson. Every time we like we think about Russell Brunson, we always have that sort of a connection of Steve become in the mind. Always, you know, it happens. Why? Because that’s how he, you know, he took the stuff. And that’s how he created relation with Russell. And that was, you know, mood most important thing. And the third thing, what we talked about is, you know, the do’s and don’ts, as again, as we talked about, like, what are the things that people should avoid, and people should do? That’s the thing we talk about the stuff out there. And one of the pretty exciting thing that we did yesterday was, you know, we did a special training with Ben Harris, if you know who Ben Harris is, is the clickfunnels affiliate manager out there. Yeah, yeah, he did. The dope training of the of how clickfunnels during 100 in their business. So that’s a billion dollar company out there of how they do do 100 in their own business, how to follow up, how to reach out to the people to like, to affiliates to Tony Robbins, you know, and that’s like, one of the insane thing out there that happened and yeah, but we are teaching people how they mostly if they’re on social media, how they can do it on automation. Because again, people get stuck, you know, if people came up with their pen and paper out there and trying to figure out who they’re doing 100 A’s. Again, they’re telaga you know, we just need to get on the paper and write to people out there without them. How they can do it using software’s on automation, rather than just finding out the things just go Who else do you wanna knock them out so that you have complete layout of people. Okay, this these are the people who are in magic 100 so that’s what you know it in the dream 100 masterclass anything that they need would be 100


aware if people are interested in that where can they get their hands on that RJ?


Yeah, so you can go on the gene 100 masterclass calm it’s the dream 100 masterclass, calm, and we’ll get you over from there.


So I’ll put it I’ll put a link below this video and we’ll put a link to the Traffic Secrets book and secrets book we’ve been talking about in this interview as well. So anything else you want to share? Akhmed RJ before we leave?


Ah, you know that the only thing that I want to see you guys you know, like, understand the power of networking, you know, networking is freaking so important. And once you have the exact same concept out there, and in a correct way, everything is going to work out a truly remember and I don’t like to be on the No, I know that we all you know, tried to make an impact and money on social media itself. It’s correct. But again, like as Russell Brunson says every single time that Facebook slap came up the Twitter slap or the TIC Tock slap or whatever, come up, I got that, you know, I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I got the Facebook slap out there. I came back. The only way that I came back successfully was two things. One was my knowledge. Second thing was my connections, you know, my network. And that was the reason I came up and it was like, okay, everything was fine. So try to create a network out there a network where the correct people with like minded people out there, the people who are on another level that you know, from you, if you’re on level one, go for level two people out there, try to learn from those people and get connections with them. Because if it is the thing that’s gonna serve you a long term and you know, have, you know, shorten the time of your success out there as well. That is super important.


your net worth is your network as they say.




your net worth is your network. Thanks, RJ. Thank you so much for your time today. If you like the show, give us a five star rating leave a comment. Share the show helps us to get the word out there. And thank you for your time today. Check Check, check RJ out. Give us that link. One more time i j.


The green 100 Master


dream 100 master class got highly suggest checking it out. Thank you so much for your time,


bless you,


and we’ll talk to you soon.