Creating Wealth Through Creating Value

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If you wish to create financial wealth for yourself as I do and most others do then there are a few rules to follow. The #1 and golden rule in wealth creation is this – “You Must Create Value”. By this I mean you must create a product or service that provides value to other people and adds to their quality of life; their needs must be met first. In the economic market place, the price that you command is relative to the value that you provide. It’s a very easy concept. The more value you provide to an employer the more salary you can command. If you want more money provide more value. Likewise, if you are self employed, the more value you can provide your customers, the more they will be happy to pay.

So having said this if your desire is to become very wealthy then the task at hand is to figure out a way to provide great value to large numbers of people. I try to do this through the internet. My aim is always to write articles that provide value to the reader. The internet then allows me to distribute the articles to the masses. 

If I write a helpful article that large numbers of people can read for free, then I am providing value and reaching a large number of people. This then make the website valuable to advertisers who are happy to pay for the advertising space. In this way, by providing value I can generate income. If I made no attempt to place value into the article, few would read them and the advertising space would be worthless. As you can see it is the value placed into the article that makes it worth anything and not the time spent writing it. By understanding this you can make far more money in far less time.

If you have a serious interest in wealth creation then I would highly recommend reading “The Science Of Getting Rich” and “Think And Grow Rich” (both are available for free download here). Both books contain fantastic insight into the psychology of wealth creation.