Eliminate Worry And Stress

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The fastest way to reduce or even eliminate stress and worry from life is to gain a larger sense of perspective. By this I mean look for a bigger picture. Let me give you an example of this: What is the biggest problem a 5 year old is going to face and how significant does this appear to them at the time? Well it’s not going to be a particularly large problem on the scale of problems, maybe a lost toy or having to do something they don’t want to. Is this significant to them though? Yes is the answer, it is probably as significant to them as a 30 year old losing their job. If the child had a bigger perspective he would see that he actually had no problems at all (neither does the 30 year old)!

What is the biggest problem to a 16 year old? School issues, acne? These problems don’t compare to the birth of a child or the death of a loved one but do they seem any less significant to that person at that time? No, the 16 year old has no perspective, again an ability to see a bigger picture could instantly solve those problems.

I suggest that our entire experience of life can be viewed in this way, we already have the bigger picture. If we care to look for it, we are going to die! I think at the end of it all when we look back, or when we are on the other side of this life we will say “Actually I never had any problems at all”.

When you are finding yourself struggling to get through a particular challenge in life just stop for a second and ask yourself “am I a 5 year old upset about a lost toy”? Look for that bigger picture and reframe the problem. Life could very quickly become much easier.