Overcoming Fear And Overwhelm

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For anybody engaged in the activity of personal development, overcoming fear and overwhelm is going to be a very useful skill indeed to possess. Personal development means growth and growth means facing the unknown. Whenever we are faced with a new situation fear and overwhelm naturally follow. I know that my goal personally is to be constantly growing in every area of life, in order to achieve this I have had to learn ways of dealing with this. Fear is a completely normal experience to be having when facing new or unknown situations, we all experience it, nobody is immune to this. The only difference between those who are very successful in life and those who just get by, is the ability to act regardless of negative emotion.
Here are a few tips that I have found very useful in the management of unwanted emotions of these kinds.

Be goal orientated. Knowing what you want and why you are doing it makes everything easier. When you have a purpose in life, obstacles along the way are looked at as simply that, obstacles, not impenetrable barriers. A goal will give you some perspective.

Know that everybody experiences the same. Everybody suffers the same feelings of overwhelm. Anybody who has arrived where you want to be has faced and overcome the same problems. Know you can do the same. The path is more or less the same for everybody.

Experience. My own personal experience tells me that I have never faced a situation, no matter how daunting that I have not successfully dealt with and overcome. Many of those situations seemed impossible at the time. Don’t question your ability to succeed.

Face life one day at a time. Today’s problems are sufficient for today. Don’t worry about issues that do not yet exist. Most of the things we worry about in fact will never exist. Don’t create problems only deal with those faced directly in the moment.

Chunk tasks. Break tasks down into smaller manageable pieces and the goal will become much easier. Obviously be aware of the big picture and the big goal but focus on the job at hand. By breaking a task down and looking at it as ten smaller goals instead of one large impossible goal, it all becomes much easier to deal with.

These are my tips for overcoming fear and overwhelm, if you have any of your own, please feel free to add them, all constructive additions are welcome.