3 Steps To Achieving Anything

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The most significant factor in determining the success of any undertaking is the ability to actually begin a task! Add to this a rock solid determination to see that task through to it’s conclusion, regardless of the difficulties faced and you have a recipe for success. One of the greatest insights we can have into the field of achievement is the realization that impossibility is simply an illusion. Nothing is impossible. It is the illusion of this impossibility that quite often prevents us from undertaking a task. The truth is, whatever we attempt, if we persevere with it for long enough we will succeed. It is in the doing that we learn this fact. If we never begin, we never learn this.

Let go of the details, they simply are not needed! We need precisely three pieces if information to accomplish any task we choose, and they are as follows.

  1. Our present position, where are we currently at? A map is a useless proposition if we do not know our starting point. Our next direction must be plotted accurately. For this our present location is essential.
  2. Our final destination, again, what use is a map if we have no idea where we desire to go? We need vision, the ability to see the unseen. A rare skill indeed. Develop this and you have a skill valued in the millions!
  3. Our next step. It’s like driving at night, all we actually need to see is a 100 meters or so in front of us. We can drive 500 miles and arrive at a precise destination if we have only a very limited amount of information at a time. It’s all we need. Our own headlight always lights the next 100 meters of the path ahead, in every area of life. Learn to operate life like you operate a car at night. Be happy with the ‘need to know’ basis of operating, it works just fine.

With these three pieces of information, we are ready to proceed. Learn to take action based upon your own faith and your own vision. Have confidence in your ability, and in your own problem solving skills, develop that sense of purpose and take that all important first step of action.

Do not fear, there is nothing to fear in the unknown, you can’t fail. The world has great respect for those who attempt things in life that are greater than themselves, their background or their upbringing. The world cares nothing for people who are too fearful to even try.

Even if you do not initially meet with desired results, you certainly will benefit from the experience and begin to attract those to you who will help, you really can’t lose.

Have a vision and have a dream. Act upon it, you might just find you have got powers that you knew nothing about. Make the most of life, it’s short, and all decisions are final. Take action today.

Sorry this is not glamorous, and I do apologise for a lack of bells whistles and other forms of propaganda, but this is the truth and it will get you to where you want to go.