Make That Phone Call

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I want to write a short article today to encourage everybody to pick up the phone and make those phone calls that you have been putting off. The reason that you don’t want to make that call is never going to go away and it’s never going to be easier to call than now. Calls that you know that you need to make and just keep putting off are a total drain on your emotional resources. When you think about a call you need to make then don’t make it you will feel tired and worn out. If you neglect to make the call 10 times you will feel tired and drained 10 times, then at the end of it still have to make the call! If you just call now you can avoid all of this.

Ultimately you have to make the call. So why not just avoid the unpleasantness associated with procrastination and do it now? The relief that you feel at the end of the call is so much better that the stress felt by not making it! It’s a win win deal!

So make that call today and if you really want to get ahead make 3 or 4. You’ll feel great and be productive at the same time.

Happy calling!!