You’re Closer To Your Dream That You Think

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I was watching a video on Youtube recently about the California Gold Rush in the 1800’s.

When gold was first discovered…Massive gold nuggets were literally laying on the surface for 49er’s just to pick up.

People with ZERO skill in Gold Mining got rich!

Pretty soon though, word got out, the masses flooded in and the surface gold was gone…

…Now you had to actually start digging for it…

On top of that…more and more people were showing up to “Known” gold areas.

Pretty soon it was saturated and all but the hardest gold was gone.

It went from people with no skills getting rich, to highly skilled people barely making it!

The problem…Nobody could think outside the bubble.

But for the brave few could break free of “GroupThink” and look elsewhere…the rewards were potentially massive.

New gold fields were waiting to be discovered all over the West.

This same is true with you and the areas of life you’re struggling with…

If the results are coming too slowly for you in areas of Wealth, Health, Happiness etc…

 Big News Flash…

It’s not that the GOLD isn’t there…

You’re just looking in the wrong places.

Life shouldn’t be hard…And if it is, listen to this…

You’re looking for scraps of gold when there are giant nuggets just laying on the surface.

Don’t work harder and harder, for less and less.

If you follow the other miners, it’s going to end badly!

I invite you to come join us in the “Victorious Man” FB Group, where I’ll share where the new fields are 🙂

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